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May 30, 2015

Indie Weekends: Life's Entropy Galaxy Glow Illuminators Review

It's been a while since Life's Entropy introduced a new kind of product, but the new Galaxy Glow Illuminators just came out and I had to review them! They are like liquid/cream highlighters, and there are 8 total shades. Currently, samples are out of stock, but full size bottles are still available.

AboutLife's Entropy is a fairly new indie brand, owned by Jane, and located in New York. They specialize in eyeshadows, lip tar-like products, contour and other face products. Jane also frequently likes to create dupes of other big brand products colors and formulas.

Jane must have recently got new branded paper to wrap all orders in, because this adorable Kawaii inspired paper came with my order inside! It was too cute to not use as the background for the sample photo!

Shipping - My order shipped 18 days after I placed it, and arrived in 2 days via USPS from New York to California.

Product Size - These are available in sample clamshells or full size pump bottles. However, samples are currently sold out.

Free Samples - I received one free eyeshadow sample with my order.

All swatches are done over bare skin. The top part of the swatch is blended out, and the bottom is patted on more heavily.

Aurora - "A pale pink."

This is probably the shade I will gravitate towards the most, as I tend to prefer light pink highlighters. Especially because I like to use them as brow highlights as well, and with the eyeshadow colors I tend to prefer, pink highlighters usually look the best. It blends out beautifully, and I want to talk about the texture of these for a minute. They are more like a cream than a true liquid, I set these samples level for about a week, but they did not settle. They stuck right where they were when I originally got them in the mail, so it's nice because they will stay in place. And it means that using the clamshells won't be a pain, as the product stays where it is, and doesn't go all over the place. Plus, I think it's easier to portion control with the clamshell than with the pump full size bottles. You only need a tiny bit, so I found just dotting my finger into the product carefully resulted in enough product for one or both cheeks depending on the shade. As a brow highlight you would probably need even less for both eyes. I am also tempted to try a few of these shades as cream shadows, but I am not sure how safe they are for eyes. I might have to email Jane regarding that.

Celestial - "A pearl white that shifts gold-copper-red."

There were two shades in this collection that are color shifting, and thus a bit more expensive. This is one of the color shifting shades, along with Nebula. I found that these didn't blend out as nicely as the regular non-color shifting shades, but were a bit more sheer with a pretty good shift to them. You can see trying to apply more heavily on the bottom, or at least pat on instead of blend out, resulted in not much difference. I think these color shifting shades will be for those who don't want to look like they've got a highlighter on, but instead just a subtle glow in the sun on the tops of the cheeks, as there really isn't a base color to show without the catch of light.

Comet - "An opal peach."

This shade is kind of a peachy tan shade, but blended out results in more of a warm golden highlight. I think this will look much better on those who are tan or have medium or darker skin tones. This would make a very nice beachy tan glow to your skin, it even might be nice on the chest or arms for a tanner appearance. I don't know if I could pull that off as well though.

Constellation - " A golden pale pink."

I found this one to be quite pigmented, and it was really easy to get too much product. You'll want to be very stingy with this one if you want a subtle glow. It's kind of a more neutral version of Aurora with a bit of a golden glow.

Light Year - "A bright pearl white."

This will make a great brow highlight, I always like white or really pale pink shades for that. I think it will also be a good cheek highlight for those who have pale skin like me. It won't give too much color, just will be a nice sheen.

Nebula - "A pearl white that shifts pink-silver-green."

This is the other color shifting shade, but I didn't really see any green to it. It mostly shifted pink, but it has a bit more body to it than Constellation. You can actually see the white base to it, where as Constellation was much more sheer. This will probably also make a good shade for pale skin tones.

Solar Flare - "A rose gold."

I love this color, I just don't know how well it will be for me to pull off. This is the one I really want to try as a cream shadow, I can always appreciate a rose gold shadow, but there are not many cream shadows like this. Blended out, it's much more of a pale peach with golden highlights, and built up you can see the rosy pink much better. I think this will also be a good one for those who are tan or medium skin tones.

Solstice - "A pale gold."

This shade is almost a gold base with a silvery sheen, I was surprised by how this looked blended out. It's very flattering, and I think a lot of skin tones could pull it off. Pale skin tones just use a tiny bit, and darker skin tones can wear a bit more. Very pretty, definitely one to check out if you like gold highlighters.

Overall, I think these highlighters have a very rich and creamy texture to them, and look very nice blended out. I don't use a highlighter everyday I do my makeup, but I almost always use a brow highlight. That's why I want these to be as multi-purpose as possible, because you're going to use such a small amount of product. In terms of which ones will be best for you, it all depends on your preferences and skin tone. Even then, I try not to let skin tone be a determining factor for what makeup shades I wear, and I encourage you to try whichever shades are calling to you. It might even be fun to mix some of the shades to see what you get. I do really like Aurora, Constellation, and Solar Flare, but I will probably be wearing all of these.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - The sample sizes are currently sold out, but full sizes are still available. This product is permanent, and the site says the samples will be restocked in June.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorites are Aurora, Constellation, and Solar Flare, but I really like all of the shades, they are all pretty unique. I think they are definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new highlighter.

What did you think of the Life's Entropy Galaxy Glow Illuminators? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I kind of need Celestial. Yep.

    1. I bet it would work well as an eyeshadow topper as well!

  2. Ooooh my goodness. I'm in love with like, all of those *o*

    1. They are so pretty and I can think of so many uses for them all!

  3. These look awesome! Especially Constellation and Solstice. It's a shame I'm already swimming in highlighters. Maybe I'll pick up some samples when they are available again

    1. They're pretty great, definitely worth checking out the samples!


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