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May 13, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Alex Studio Review

Alex Studio is this week's featured planner sticker shop, I ordered just a few sticker sheets a while back, and I love some of the other designs she has in her shop! Including Lush looking bath bombs! Who doesn't need those in sticker form for bubble baths? And she also has a mystery subscription for June that I am eyeing!

Here's how everything was packaged.

Video Game Controller Stickers -

I bought all my stickers in matte for this order, although she does also offer everything on glossy paper as well. The more I plan, the more I start to prefer glossy paper for my stickers, the colors pop just a bit more. B and I play video games almost solely together, so I like to denote the time with these stickers. Very cute, and they're really small too which I like because sometimes I have to wedge these into a small space.

Movie Marquee Stickers -

I haven't gone to the movies much recently, only once since I bought these stickers, but these are great for blocking out time to go to the theater! And I like that there's plenty of space to write in the movie and the time if you wish.

There are plenty of wine glass sticker designs to choose from, but I liked these for when B and I are having red wine. Plus, they just look very classy!

Overall, I really enjoyed my stickers from Alex Studio, and would absolutely purchase again. My order shipped 7 days after I ordered, so that wasn't too bad of a wait. And I really like some of the other designs she has available in her shop, so I'll probably be making another purchase soon. Definitely check out the shop, there are quite a few unique things there, including some cute weekly planner kits with coordinating colors for making each week themed just how you want it.

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