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May 27, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Sweet Kawaii Design

Sweet Kawaii Design's specialty is definitely cutesy Kawaii stickers, but she also carries other more plain functional stickers. I purchased a combination of both of these from the shop and they are this week's Planner Wednesday review!

Kawaii Makeup Brush Stickers -

When I ordered, she had some stickers that were cut into strips and packaged very cutely in these little packets. She has since stopped doing that, as I can imagine it was a lot of work, and made them a little bulky. I have had grand plans of washing my brushes weekly, but I have yet to stick to that schedule. But these are a cute way to try and get yourself to do it. Maybe you'll have better luck than I have.

Bubble Tea Stickers -

I love going to get bubble tea with B, and we usually go every time I'm at his house. I wanted a cute way to note when we go, because it's always a great day when we can get a roasted milk tea with boba, our usual.

Blank Flags Rainbow Color Theme -

I like these little page flags, they are nice to write on and are brightly colored. The only downside is that they don't match well with the Erin Condren colors. A few go OK, like the mint with the May seafoam color, but they aren't very good matches if that's what you're looking for.

Small Dot Stickers -

I do really like these, I like using dots for checklists when I just need one or two things to do. Or in the weekly sidebar, I use dots for that as well. And these colors are good because they are pastel, and most of the Erin Condren colors are pastel. They match a little better than the page flags.

I also wanted to get some tear drop stickers, and decided on this color scheme. Like the page flags, the colors don't quite match the Erin Condren colors. They're close, but not perfect and it kind of bugs me. I like matching the monthly colors only because I think they are well thought out color schemes and combinations, so it's cute to match, but when the stickers just don't look quite right, it's quite noticeable. But again, if that doesn't bug you, and you like the colors, these are smallish tear drops for all kinds of uses.

Overall, I liked the Kawaii stickers a bit more than the other flags and such stickers. But the shipping time for these was amazing, it shipped the next day after I ordered, and arrived 5 days later. I would imagine these would have arrived much sooner, but USPS took them on a bit of a detour, so probably usually they arrive much quicker. Not many shops ship next day, so that was a nice bonus. If you're looking for quirky Kawaii themed stickers and icons, Sweet Kawaii Design is a great shop to check out!

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