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June 10, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: Juice Box Paper Review

Juice Box Paper is another Etsy planner sticker shop that offers all kinds of whimsical stickers to decorate your planner. I like that they are all colorful, unique, and the sheets are the same size no matter the sticker.

Leaf Squircle Stickers -

The one strange thing is that some stickers are matte, and some are glossy, but you don't get to pick. They just come on whichever one she uses for that sheet. Some say in the description, and some don't. This one is matte paper, but it doesn't say that in the description. That's a bit annoying, but I can appreciate that the kind of paper is picked to accentuate the design of it. These are a bit smaller than I had anticipated, but I like them to cover any small white space I have in my planner. I don't like writing on the white paper, and I think it looks better covered in color. It makes me happier to see many colors, so that's what I do.

Spa Facial Stickers -

I wanted to get these to use for nights I do a sheet mask, which isn't as often as I used to, but they are nice to plan that out. These are glossy, and they come in two different colors.

Gaming Controller Stickers -

B and I game together, and I like marking the time with these stickers. I use the Xbox controller for PC gaming, as we don't have an Xbox, the Playstation controller for PS4 gaming, and the Super Nintendo controller for Wii U gaming. These come as glossy stickers, and I like how small they are. I don't want denoting gaming time to take up too much room.

Migraine Meter Stickers -

These I originally got for B because he is studying the brain in school, but so far I haven't had a chance to use them. I will probably use them when he goes to a conference or something like that. These are printed on matte paper.

Vintage Style Camera Stickers -

I usually make a giant to do list of things I need to photograph that week depending on my reviews I have planner for that week, and also the things that are arriving in the mail. So I make the list in my To Do section, and add one of these to the top to remind me that I need to take photos of all of the products. These come as glossy stickers.

Assorted Relationship Stickers -

I wanted some sort of date night stickers for B and me, and these caught my eye. The one thing I didn't notice before I purchased them was that there are two time out stickers at the bottom. I don't think I will ever use those, so that is kind of a waste of space for me. And it seems strange the layout of the stickers, there are the same ones spread out all over the sheet. These are printed on matte paper.

As much as I love coffee, and have a cup almost everyday, I do sometimes have tea as well so I wanted stickers for that. These are nice and I like that they match some of the Erin Condren stickers nicely. These are printed on glossy paper.

Free Sample -

And this was my free sample that came with my order. I enjoy when shop's give you a free sample sheet that is exactly that and is meant to be a small sample of what they offer. I definitely like it better than just a bunch of cut up extras that aren't all on one sheet.

Overall, I liked the stickers I purchased from Juice Box Paper, but I do wish there was a choice about which paper was used, or at least was consistent. I love the unique designs that are different from pretty much any other shop I've seen. The one thing I didn't like, and don't like about many other shops that do this, is there was no tracking for my order. It shipped 3 days after I ordered, but I have no idea how long it took to arrive. Considering the price paid for shipping for just about every single sticker shop is as much as it would cost to ship with tracking, it seems ridiculous when they don't offer that. So if that doesn't bother you, then I would highly recommend Juice Box Paper.

What did you think of Juice Box Paper? Let me know in the comments!

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