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June 11, 2015

Indie Subscription: Altitude Soap Co. Back To Bon Temps Summer Soap Box Review

I recently heard about Altitude Soap Co. and their Back To Bon Temps Summer Soap Box, which is inspired by True Blood. I have always been a pretty big True Blood fan, and a Sookie Stackhouse book fan, that this was the perfect first foray into this brand. I thought it might be a good way to get a feel for their products, and see how I liked their scents. And I think it ended up being a great deal, it was just over $26 for 2 full size products, and 6 sample products! I'm calling this an indie subscription, even though it's not technically, as you just purchase the box, and there's no subscription plan. But it's a box full of indie products, and that's close enough for me!

AboutAltitude Soap Co. is an indie bath and body company specializing in bath oil, foot butter, lip balm, perfume oil, and a few other products. They are based out of Alabama, and just introduced their first soap box, inspired by True Blood.

Shipping - Ordering this box was a preorder, so it shipped almost a month after I ordered. Boxes were to ship starting May 30th, and mine shipped June 4th. It arrived 2 days later via USPS 2-day Priority from Alabama to California.

Product Size - Two products were going to be full size and the rest was to be a sample size. The description stated the perfume would be one of the full sizes, and the other was the lip balm.

Free Samples - There were no free samples with my order.

This was the front of the info card and I thought it was a nice addition!

This was the back of the info card, with all of the products, descriptions, and scents on it. It was very handy to have.

I received this little note in my box that I got a different product than one of the ones the card says.

Kiss of Death Lip Balm - "Apple, apricot, guava, orange, papaya, passion fruit, and pineapple."

This balm is coconut oil based, and is thus quite glossy instead of waxy. It smells like tropical fruits though, so I like it.

Pam's Pumps Perfume - "Strawberries drenched in whipped cream followed by wild berries, mandarins, honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood, praline."

This is absolutely my favorite scent of the entire box, and even though it has a lot of notes, it smells amazing. It's like a sexy fruity scent, with a bit of sweet florals. This is the kind of scent you'd wear to date night, it's very seductive. I am so happy this was the perfume, and a full size because I will be wearing this all the time.

Bottled Screams of Ginger Summer Lotion - "Tart lemons heaped with sugar."

It's been so long since I had lotion in a squeeze bottle, but it has a nice formula. It's pretty light, and it smells like Lemonheads. A little goes a long way, you only need a tiny bit.

O Positive Shower Gel/Bubble Bath - "Fresh ripe berries bursting with juice and drenched in sweet cream."

I love that this is colored bright red, and it smells like berries and cream. There were two possible scents you could have received for this product, the other was Sheriff of Area 5, which is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy green & florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. I think I might have rather had that one as I tend to prefer those kinds of scents for my shower gel. But this one is good, I can't wait to use it.

Bon Temps Cemetery Soap - "Freshly dug earth, Spanish moss, white magnolias and carnations."

This is probably my second least favorite scent, but I do kind of like it in a weird way. It's very strange, it kind of smells like death at first, but then I can kind of pick out the dirt and florals. After you smell it a few times it starts to just smell like soap, so it's not too bad.

Barmaid Foot Butter - "Toasted marshmallow"

There were two possible scents for this product, I got marshmallow, but there was also pineapple upside down cake. Just to note, my jar is only about 3/4 full. It's my first time trying a foot butter, and it has a fairly thick texture. You only need a little bit though, and this couldn't have arrived at a better time for summer. My feet tend to get really dry so this will be perfect.

Vampire Queen of Louisiana Wax Tart - "Mint rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices, fragrant pink roses, purple larkspur, and creamy blossoms."

I don't even know what kind of scent this is, but it's probably my least favorite of the whole box. I got a little note in my box saying I got this instead of the Sookie Scenter, which was a room scent it sounds like, but the card didn't say what the notes were. To me this almost smells citrusy, but I have no idea why. But I really don't care for it, so I may be passing it on to a friend.

Sunshine In A Pretty Blond Bottle Shampoo - "Oranges, lemons and juicy grapefruit."

I am ecstatic that there is a shampoo in here, I am nearing the end of my shampoo stash and need more soon. And I have been wanting to get some indie shampoo when I need to buy some next, so if this works well, it might be the winner. It smells really good too, very citrusy, with the grapefruit note standing out the most.

Overall, I really enjoyed almost everything from this box. I felt everything was great for summer, and stayed true to the theme. My small complaints are that the labels have no consistency and neither does the packaging. I guess the packaging fits the product best, but the half the labels were matte paper and the other half were glossy. I don't think any of them are waterproof though, so you may want to be careful for the shower and bath products. It just felt like it could have been more consistent. Otherwise, I absolutely loved the Pam's Pumps perfume, that was my favorite. And I liked all the other scents except the wax tart scent, that was a bit too weird for me. I would consider buying more shampoo and maybe foot butter, but I really am only low on shampoo in my stash. I thought this was a great introduction to the brand and their products, and I am looking forward to the next box if they do one, I will totally buy it depending on the theme!

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - This box is no longer available, but the products will all be for sale starting with the release of the summer collection in mid-June.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite was the Pam's Pumps perfume, but I also really liked the shampoo, and lotion scents. I will absolutely purchase from Altitude Soap Co., I think this was a great introduction!

What did you think of the Altitude Soap Co. Back To Bon Temps Summer Soap Box? Let me know in the comments!

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