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June 12, 2015

Indies of the Week: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Review

I have more random Femme Fatale products than I do collections, mostly because I like getting mini jars and collections of those are quite expensive. So I've been collecting a few fan favorites, and some limited edition blushes. Femme Fatale makes some amazing duochromes, and a lot of these shadows look great over a sticky base by themselves.

AboutFemme Fatale is an Australian based indie shop, owned by Sophie. They specialize in nail polish, eyeshadow, blushes, and are a hub for Australians to purchase products from many US indie brands. They also carry a few products from other brands that are exclusive to the Femme Fatale site, and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Product SizeFemme Fatale offers mini jars with sifters and full size jars with sifters. Occasionally with new collection releases, they will offer the whole collection in sample bags for a limited time only. I have mostly mini jars here, but the blushes are only available in one size.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. Blush swatches are done over bare skin and blended out.

Candied Apple - "It’s a pale redwood pink with a green duochrome, and blends out to have an almost brown undertone to it."

This shadow has a cult following, and for good reason. You can wear it by itself and it looks like you're wearing at least two shadows. I recently named it as one of my monthly favorites, it's a great product to quickly put on if you're in a rush.

Dr. Eeek - "A pretty mid-range pink with cool undertones, and turquoise shimmer & sparks."

I recently wore this for the first time, and received two compliments on my eyeshadow! It's safe to say it's a new favorite of mine, and if you like Candied Apple, this is another great duochrome to get.

Echo of the Archmage - "A medium-dark blurple base with bright reddish/purple sheen."

I don't really remember why I got this shade because it's a little too dark for my tastes. I might use it as a liner though, I bet that would be pretty.

Faerie Fire - "It is a soft lavender pink with cool undertones, highlighted by a electric lime gold sparkles."

This was another fan favorite I wanted to try. It's a little too light to use as an all over lid shade, but I think it will look nice as a highlight shade, either inner corner or center of the lid.

Inscribe - "It has a lovely umber brown base with an extremely subtle hint of red, and a very soft white-green duochrome."

This was one of my free samples from an order, and it's a great neutral brown shade. I like these for when I don't want to wear too much color. And this one will look nice all over the lid.

Peebles - "A coral toned bubblegum pink with green shimmer."

I received this with an order that went a bit over the stated turnaround time. It's like a less punchy version of Cheap Tricks, which I already own. I like the golden shimmer it has.

Royal Tarts - "A washed out mauve-rose base which can lean grey, and orange shimmer."

This was another fan favorite I wanted to try. I wouldn't mind trying this as an all over shade. This is a tough shade to describe, but I love how soft it is.

Ruby Wings - "It is a soft ruby pink with a smooth pink finish."

I think this was another shade I got thrown into my order for being a touch late, but it's like hot pink! It's really bright, with a subtle pink sheen.

The Dark One - "It is a black based shade with a soft violet shine, and lavender and purple sparkles."

This was one of my free samples with an order, and even though it is black based, it doesn't look it. This is another shade I'd like to try as a liner.

The Wayward Prince - "A mauve-rose base with strong bronze-gold overlay."

The shift in this shade is so strong you can barely see the purple base shade. I would wear this all over the lid, as a liner, or as an accent shade. Possibly in the outer corner combined with a lighter purple.

Let Fate Decide -

I can't find the description for this blush, but it was a very limited edition that I managed to snag in a Shiro restock. I swatched it a little dark, but it's really pigmented. It's a mauve-y purple with a golden sheen.

The Red Throne - "A gorgeous red blush with pinkish overlay."

This was another limited edition blush, but this was an oops shade. Meaning that Femme Fatale made a batch of this and it didn't turn out the way that was expected, so there were only a few of these sold. It's a bright reddish pink with a violet to pink sheen.

Availability - Many of these products are still for sale, with the exception of Let Fate Decide and The Red Throne.

Recommendation - I really love the duochromes that Femme Fatale makes, especially Candied Apple, Dr. Eeek, Royal Tarts, and The Wayward Son. Even though it seems like purchasing something from Australia can be expensive with shipping, but remember the site is in Australian Dollars! The exchange rate makes it less expensive for US buyers. As long as you're only buying shadows or blush, and not nail polish, shipping is pretty inexpensive. You can buy from Shiro Cosmetics, as they carry Femme Fatale products, but they tend to sell out really quickly after restocks, and are only restocked about once a month. Most of my Femme Fatale orders have been between $20 and $30 with shipping so it's not too bad!

What do you think of Femme Fatale? What are your favorite Femme Fatale shadows? Let me know in the comments!

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