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April 6, 2015

March 2015 Favorites

Finally, my late March Favorites post! I've been putting this off too long, and I still haven't done my video, but I'll attach it here when it's done. I've been just picking about 9 of my favorite things each month, usually at least one indie subscription, and I try to pick a variety of kinds of products. What do you guys think about having categories each month? Like favorite bath and body product, favorite eyeshadow, favorite perfume, etc? Let me know in the comments, and maybe I'll add categories for April! I feel like I barely wore makeup in March, but I still managed to have some eye and lip favorites!

Aromaleigh March Ephemera Look -

I only have two indie subscriptions I do looks for, and sometimes they are winners and sometimes they are just ok. But I thought my look for March's Ephemera was amazing! I loved the combination of gold, and a sparkly brown neutral, with a pop of color with the green shadow turned eyeliner. I remember not wanting to take my makeup off at bed time because I liked it so much! I can't wait to attempt this look again, it was neutral but with a pop of color.

Shiro Cosmetics Smelt of Elderberries

I wore this shade with my Aromaleigh Ephemera look in March, and I just love how bright and colorful it is. This product is exclusively sold on Femme Fatale's website, so it can only be purchased there. But it is so worth it! And you can also add one of my other favorites this month to your cart. It is sometimes sold out, but will return.

Darling Clandestine Bouquet of Scorpions

Bouquet of Scorpions is quickly becoming my spring favorite out of the Darling Clandestine Valentine's scents. It is no longer sold, but if you snagged one it's just perfect for spring, and will be even better in summer when it's really hot here. It has the scent of smoky grapefruit, and it's a fun twist on a classic citrus scent.

Haus of Gloi Ploughman and Milkmaid -

At first, Ploughman was going to be my only favorite from Haus of Gloi, but then Milkmaid won my heart and I had to add it in too. These are my two favorite scents from the spring release, but they're also quickly becoming some of my favorite spring scents overall. I already bought full size bottles of both perfumes.

Femme Fatale Candied Apple -

This shadow has a cult following, and I now see why. It's just a perfect one shadow look shade, but it looks like you're wearing two. The magic of duochromes, I can see the light! I am so glad the base shade of this is kind of a desert rose pink shade, because if it was more red than that, I don't think it would look nearly as good on.

Sixteen92 Lotion -

This lotion formula has quickly become my new favorite. I love how light and moisturizing it is. And it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy. My other favorite Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter is great in the winter when you need some deep moisture, but this one is perfect for spring and summer when you want a lighter formula. Plus, the scents smell really good!

Glamour Doll Eyes Cream Shadows - 

These haven't officially released yet, but there have been a few limited edition ones here and there that I have grabbed. They work great as a shadow by themselves, or with another shadow over the top. You can create an endless number of looks by using them as a base shade. Look out for the official release of these cream shadows coming soon!

Notoriously Morbid March Vanishing Cabinet

This was my absolute favorite indie subscription for March. I loved the return to metallic looking shadows from Notoriously Morbid. And I loved the Game of Thrones inspired theme! Plus, look at that duochrome! I hope this means we see more duochromes from NM.

Shiro Cosmetics Thrill of the Chasez

This ended up being a surprise favorite, I didn't expect to like this shade as much as I did. But it's a bubblegum pink lip gloss, and how can that not be a go-to shade for spring! Plus, it's a sheer to moderate opacity, so it's great for quick applications on the go.

What were your March Favorites? Should I do specific product categories, or leave my favorites as they are? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I like the favorites the way they are. I feel like you already naturally have enough variety that I wouldn't try to force it into specific categories.

    1. Good to know! I'm always searching for more organization and structure, so categories seemed a natural fit for that. But now I'll leave it as is!

  2. I like that you don't categorize your favorites! Then if you have two favorite perfumes one month but no standout in another area, that's okay. Then you're not forcing yourself to pick something just for the sake of a category.

    (Milkmaid is also my favorite HoG spring good!)

    1. Yay ok I'll keep it as is! I thought Milkmaid was going to be a dud for me, something about that sweet pea note made me think of a BBW scent I never liked. I should have known the indie version would be so much better!


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