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April 5, 2015

Indie Weekends: Uponaworld Cosmetics Winter Palette Review

Uponaworld Cosmetics recently introduced some seasonal pressed palettes, and the Winter Palette was calling out to me! I wanted to get one and try and review it for you. The Winter palette was inspired by the purples of winter.

AboutUponaworld Cosmetics is a fairly new indie brand specializing in handmade soaps and eyeshadows. The company is owned by Manuela, and is based out of Ohio. She recently introduced pressed palettes to her product lineup, the first set of which are inspired by the seasons.

Shipping - The turnaround time for this was great, it shipped the day after I ordered. It arrived in 5 days from Ohio to California via USPS. I was a little worried about how this would be packaged and if it would be broken on arrival, but it was very nicely packaged and suffered no damage from shipping.

Product Size - The palettes have four 26mm pan shadows in them, each of which is about 4-5 grams of product.

Free Samples - There was one free shadow sample included with my order.

All swatches done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Here's what the whole palette looks like. It includes a mirror in the top flap. You may notice in the first photo with the palette art on the front, the glue is coming out and the edges don't look clean. I posted a preliminary review of it on the IMAM subreddit, and Manuela messaged me apologizing about the glue resin, and gave me some tips on how to remove it. She said using a damp towel with warm water or alcohol to remove it. I haven't yet had a chance to try this, so if you do, let me know how it goes.

And a close up of the shadows. Just looking at them in the palette, and they don't look like they have much purple in them. The bottom two have some burgundy in them, but the other two look taupe-ish or champagne-y. I actually tried doing a look with these, but wasn't completely happy with how it turned out, so I didn't photograph it. But I was able to wear them for a day to see how they performed. I'll get to that later in my review.

Highlight shade - "A light pink-purple"

I don't see this as pink or purple in any way, it's more of a light shimmery taupe. This might be a good highlight shade for someone with darker skin than I have, but on me, it didn't look right. Maybe as an inner corner highlight, but as a brow highlight it was slightly too dark.

Lid shade - "A sparkly taupe-leaning grey-purple"

Again, I don't see the purple in this, it's more of a brownish leaning gunmetal gray color. It's a pretty lid shade, but still a little too dark for my skin.

Left crease shade - "A dark burgundy"

I agree with the description of this one. If it were my choice though, I would have rather had two lid shades than two crease shades. It's a nice shade, just doesn't fit the purple theme that this palette was supposed to have.

Right crease shade - "A brown-leaning dark purple"

Again, this doesn't look like it has any purple. It's more of a dark brown with red and copper highlights.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this palette. It was advertised as being a palette with purple in it, and there was none. The website swatches have since been changed to better reflect the true colors, but the descriptions still don't match. The glue resin on the front doesn't make it look professional, but instead rushed. The shadows themselves were overall a little too dark for me, especially as a palette that is supposed to be filled with neutrals, usually you want some lighter shades for professional looks. I felt like the look I tried to do with these came off as more of a nighttime look than a daytime work look. The shadow quality itself though is amazing, these shadows look just as pigmented over primer as they do over bare skin. But always use a primer folks! They blend like a dream, and are very buttery in texture. But I just don't feel like I received what was advertised. If the shadows looked like I expected them to look from the original swatches and descriptions, I would be thrilled with this palette. Even despite the glue resin issue.

The only way I can recommend this palette is if you have medium to dark skin tone, and like the shadows as I have them swatched. Those are the true colors. But it also has me worried that the swatches and descriptions didn't match what I received. And I wonder about the other three seasonal palettes, and any further palette releases from Uponaworld Cosmetics. Especially at a price point of $29, it should be exactly as shown on the website. Normally I don't like to bring up price point in my reviews, only because if I had a problem with it, I probably didn't buy it for review. I pretty much always feel I got my money's worth. And even with this palette, I think I got my money's worth, it's a reasonable price for a palette of this quality. I just don't think I received what I wanted or expected.

Like I mentioned, the shadow quality itself is really nice. You can tell the pressed shadow formula was perfected over time, and it really shows. But I probably will not buy another one. At least not until I feel like the descriptions and swatch photos correctly show what I saw with mine.

Customer Service - I did not contact customer service directly about the problems I had with this palette. However, I did mention that Manuela reached out to me about the glue and how to get rid of it.

Availability - This and the other season palettes are currently sold out, but are going to be restocked April 11th.

Overall Satisfaction - I was disappointed with this palette not having any purple in it whatsoever despite that being how it was advertised and described. I will not buy another palette, but I would probably still buy from Uponaworld Cosmetics, because the quality was really good.

What did you think of the Uponaworld Cosmetics Winter Palette? Let me know in the comments!

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