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July 5, 2015

Indie Weekends: Black Violet Summer Collection Review

I've had the Black Violet Summer perfumes for quite a while, and finally got a chance to test them all! Like most Black Violet perfumes, these are mostly florals and fruity perfumes. The one thing I always like about getting "samples", is that they are dram vials, and much more convenient for me than 1 ml samples most other companies offer.

AboutBlack Violet is owned by Leilani, and they are an indie perfumery and bath and body shop based out of Maryland. Black Violet offers perfume oils in sample sizes and full size rollerballs, body butters, creme soap, detangling mists, facial cleansers, and a few other kinds of products. They also offer a quarterly subscription box, called the Blackbox.

ShippingBlack Violet does have up to a possible 14-21 business day turnaround time for all orders. My order shipped 12 days after I ordered, and arrived in 4 days via USPS from Maryland to California.

Product Size - These are 1 dram vials, but her perfumes are also offered in 10 ml roll ons.

Free Samples - I received two free samples with my order.

Drunken Flowers - "Plumeria (frangipani), island winds, hibiscus, fragrant maile vine"

I've been seeing frangipani in quite a few perfumes lately, and I just figured out its plumeria! This is very much a floral, kind of a tropical floral, but there's no fruitiness to it. It's a bit creamy, but nothing like Havana Nectar. It reminds me of when I went to Hawaii, it's pretty much the smell of Hawaii in a perfume. It's pretty light as well.

Flourish - "Daffodils, amyris essential oil (West Indian Sandalwood), morning dew, damp leaves, hydrangea, sage"

This smells fairly green upfront, with a hint of the florals. I get mostly the daffodils, which are very soft, not too strong. This is a really subtle perfume, not much silage, but that’s how I like these kinds of perfumes. It’s very nice, I see why this has been a crowd favorite, it’s a touch sweet. Very nice, this would be something I would consider a full size of.

Havana Nectar - "Picked pear, creamy coconut milk, ginger"

I find myself loving creamy perfumes, and this one would definitely be classified as that. I can't really pick out anything but creamy coconut, so if you like that, this perfume might be for you. But it just feels too similar to Paper Dolls and Ginger & Lace. If you have tried those and didn't love them, this probably won't be for you either. This one is definitely my favorite, it's a bit sweeter than the other two that are similar.

Misaki - "Lily of the valley (muguet), cyclamen, buttery musk, torn green stems"

This is a stronger, less creamy floral than Drunken Flowers. I get mostly the lily of the valley. This is my least favorite of the florals from this collection, it's got something a bit sharp that doesn't agree with me.

Pink Cadillac - "Kumquat, pink lemonade, West Indian Lime essential oil, a refreshing splash of seltzer"

Wow! Super fruity and tart, but bubbly as well. It’s very nice, sometimes fruity perfume bombs like this can hurt my head, but this one is well balanced. It’s definitely for people who love fruity perfumes though, it is unabashed. Be aware though, that pink lemonade note smells a little floor cleaner-y, so if your skin amps something like that, maybe stay away. But after a few minutes, that goes away, and it starts to come together.

Overall, I thought this collection was really heavy on florals and fruits, which I don't mind, but I know others do. My favorite was probably Havana Nectar, closely followed by Flourish. I guess that's how you know you really like a certain type of scents, when you enjoy several from the same category, so I'm now certain I like creamy/milky perfumes. I think the only one I probably won't wear was Misaki, but everything else I can see myself wearing more than once. A few of these are also available in other bath and body products, so check out those as well if you're interested.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - These are still available, but will be discontinued once the Fall scents are released.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorites were Havana Nectar and Flourish. This was a heavy floral and fruit collection, but I think that's perfectly appropriate for a summer collection.

What did you think of the Black Violet Summer Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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