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February 8, 2012

Bistro 33 Happy Hour

I had never checked out Bistro 33, until I noticed they had a wonderful looking Happy Hour appetizer menu. Everything is $4 each, and each menu item looked interesting and original. So, B and I ventured there for Happy Hour and we tried almost all the non-fish items (B doesn't like fish). I loved the presentation of the dishes, they were all very clean, and photographable, lol. The first thing we ordered were the Mini BBQ Pork Sliders and the Chicken Wings. The sliders were very tender and the wings were quite delicious. 
Mini BBQ Pork Sliders 
Chicken Wings
The next appetizers we ordered were the Bistro Corn Dogs and the Taco Spring Rolls. We didn't care too much for the corn dogs, they weren't crispy and the sauces were just OK. I was surprised by the spring rolls, I wasn't really sure what to expect when we ordered them, but they were crispy, and the avocado cream sauce that was served with them was a perfect addition.
Mini Corn Dogs 
Taco Spring Rolls
Finally, we ordered 2 Kobe Sliders, one for each of us. I had a good feeling about it, and we didn't really want to share! It was the highlight of all the items! It was buttery, and the goat cheese was tangy and a perfect complement to the burger. The fried onions added a much needed crunch, and the baby greens were the right veggie for it. I highly recommend this appetizer, it is a must-try!
We had a great time eating our way through their Happy Hour appetizer menu, and for $4 each, it's hard to beat. You can try a bunch of different dishes, and get a drink and it won't break the wallet. I've already decided to go back with my mom to try all the wonderful looking fish appetizers. If you haven't been to Bistro 33, check it out! Especially for Happy Hour!

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