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April 24, 2012

Selland's Market-Cafe and Adanberto's

B and I decided to go hiking out in Coloma, but before we went, we were hungry! Selland's has been on our to-eat list, so we stopped by to grab some food before we went. We didn't order anything too exciting, but it was all very good! I got a small Mediterranean salad, which was full of red onion, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and bell peppers. It was very refreshing, and just what I needed.

B and I both ordered a BLTA, which was kind of messy, but very delicious. I am so proud of him for eating the tomatoes on the sandwich, normally he picks off the tomatoes on burgers and sandwiches. He's more recently started to just eat it instead of freaking out about it. I attribute this to my foodie influence of course. 

I had 2 of their lemon cookies for dessert, which I devoured before they could be photographed, sadly. But I highly recommend them! Order them! They are wonderful : )

After hiking, B and I went back to my place, started drinking, and eventually got an inevitable carne asada fry craving. We had to go try the only place nearby that's open all night, and has carne asada fries, Adanberto's. I have explained the trick to carne asada fries in other posts, but I'll re-explain here. You pour 4 containers of hot sauce all over the fries, then proceed to double-handed stir. (In our case, we each stir with one fork.) Then eat with a fork. 

Now, these carne asada fries were not as good as my favorite place in San Diego, Cotixan's. However, they were good enough that come another drunken night, I may go back and get some. Cotixan's are better mostly because they make their own hot sauce in giant containers that is delicious. I will say though, that the carne asada on these fries was a little better quality than at Cotixan's. 

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