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November 29, 2013

Food Huggers Review

I finally received my long awaited Food Huggers in the mail!

Photo Credit: Food Huggers

If you haven't heard of these, they were originally a Kickstarter with the idea that we cut fruits and vegetables in half all the time, throw one half in the fridge in a plastic bag and we forget it's there before it gets moldy. Food Huggers are silicone holders for your food! You can use them for all kinds of things, not just half an onion you're throwing in the vegetable drawer. Opened jars, cans, they even have huggers that will fit an avocado. I was really excited to get these finally so I could start saving my half used produce. They also save you from using so many plastic bags. Here are my Food Huggers:

I picked the Bright Berry colors, but I also got the avocado huggers and a free hugger that came with the Kickstarter as a stretch goal. There are two sizes of avocado huggers for all shapes and sizes of avocados. All total I pledged $30, which was a pretty good deal considering the price of these now on their store. I do really like the Autumn Harvest colors as well, so maybe when I am ready to get another set, I'll get those colors.

Here is what they can be used for:
Photo Credit: Food Huggers

Photo Credit: Food Huggers

Photo Credit: Food Huggers
I used them for all kinds of things already, and I'm happy to say they work great! I especially like them for cans or drinks that you save in the fridge. If you halve a lot of recipes or just end up with half of a fruit or vegetable all the time, I highly recommend these!

What do you think of Food Huggers? Do you think you'll order any for yourself? What colors are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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