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January 1, 2014

Julep Warehouse Sale Purchases and Promo Code

Julep recently had some sales, including a big end of the year Warehouse sale. I bought a "few" things, so I thought I'd share and see what else everyone bought.

In this half I received: (All prices are original price, many of these are currently on sale)

  • Crackle Craze: ($56) This is a 4 color pack of crackle finishes. I haven't tried these yet, but I've seen some photos and they look great. 
    • Ursula: ($14) Black creme crackle, I'm waiting for a good red color to get to put this over for a cool red/black color combo look.
    • Sabrina: ($14) Orange shimmer crackle, which I think I will use for Halloween with black underneath
    • Glenda: ($14) Silver crackle, I was going to use this over Petra, which there's a picture of below, but I liked Petra so much on it's own I decided to wait. Maybe when it starts to chip I'll use Glenda over the top.
    • Hermione: ($14) White creme crackle, I think this would look great over red or pink for a Valentine's Day look. I'll probably try that in February.
  • Sadie: ($14) Black lava sea salt finish, there's a photo of this below, and I'm really happy with this one.
  • Diane Add-On: Dark forest green, I got this as an add on to my order, at the time it was the only add on color that remotely appealed to me. I'm kind of hoping I can use this in a very thin layer to make it look less like black and a little more like green. It's hard to tell just looking at the bottle.
  • Crystal Nail File: ($18) I didn't have any nail files laying around, so I grabbed this while it was on sale. It works well, my only complaint is it feels weird filing with it. I don't know how to explain, but it's no biggy.

Here's what Sadie looks like on. I really loved the sea salt finish, it looks like black volcanic sand, or asphalt, which is surprising cool looking. I did two coats for this, and it is very thick, so it does tend to chip if you don't use a top coat. I just touched it up when it started chipping because I loved the color too much to change it. The finish does tend to smooth out over the course of a few days, and it was a pain to remove but overall I'm happy with this color. I went looking for other sea salt finishes, but this seems to be the best looking of all of them.

These are the colors I received from the end of the year Warehouse Sale:

  • Sienna Add-On: ($14) I got this as an add on, it's a shimmery gold.
  • Adele Add-On: ($14) This was my other add on, it's described as a golden reflective top coat, but I think I'll save this for the summer when I'm one shade tanner than I am now. (I don't tan, I just burn, but if I wear sandals enough my feet get nicely tanned so I could use this on my toes when that happens.)
  • Fall Fancy: ($56) I wanted to try and get mostly combo packs for the sale to try and collect as many colors as possible for as inexpensively as I could. I grabbed this one because I really liked Lacey and Blakely.
  • Role Model: ($40) I bought this one mostly for Petra which you can see below what it looks like on my nails.
    • Adrianna($14)
    • Joy($14) For now, this 3 color pack seems to be the only way to get Joy.
    • Petra($14)
  • Four Day Weekend: ($56) I picked out this one mainly for the coral colors.
    • Olivia($14)
    • Nan($14)
    • Cassie($14)
    • Reiko($14) This one is also only available from the Four Day Weekend pack.

This is Petra, which I was going to put the silver crackle finish Glenda over, but I really liked the color so I decided to leave it as is. I just did one coat so it's a little blotchy and see through, but it dried really quickly. I'll definitely be using this on my toes soon. And oh hey, there's my cat, Dipper, in the background, hi kitty!

Updated 4/21: New Julep Mavens can customize their box as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for 1 month and pay $24.99/month, or sign up for 3 months and pay only $19.99/month! Take the style quiz and enter FREEBOX at checkout to get your first box free, just pay $2.99 for shipping!

Did you get anything from Julep's holiday Warehouse Sale? What did you pick up? Let me know in the comments!

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 Julep Beauty Inc.

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