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January 22, 2014

Veronica Belmont #NOM02 Quarterly Co. Box Review

Even though I didn't get photos of this box when it arrived back in December 2012, I wanted to do a review for it and include a photo of the Veronica Belmont Quarterly Co. #NOM02 box. This was one of the boxes that was the original $25 for a box every quarter, or every 3 months. This subscription has since gone up to $50 every quarter. I have loved every one of these boxes, and I highly recommend Quarterly. They have all kinds of curators to chose from, great customer service and I think they're pretty close to what Fancy offers with their boxes. High quality products and a good value with each box.

Here's what I received in this box:

  • Mulled Wine Spices - These were unmarked so I don't know what brand, if any, they are. I still haven't tried them, I tend to keep good quality wine in the house, and I'd want to use these on just a cheap bottle of wine. But, maybe soon if it ever gets cold here!
  • Bittersweet Drinking Chocolate - I can't find this online either, but it's pretty good. A little too bittersweet for my tastes, but I've found a good use for it. I have a Keurig coffee brewer, and I have some of the hot chocolate k cups laying around. I make one of those in a mug filled with about a tablespoon or so of this drinking chocolate, and it makes it so it doesn't taste like hot chocolate made with water! A great unintended use.
  • Youk's Hot Sauce - They are sold out at the moment, but this stuff is great. I'm almost through the whole bottle, and I use it as my hot sauce of choice when Sriracha isn't the right flavor. Delicious!

I paid $25 for this box, and I don't know what the value of items I received was, but I have to say, out of all the boxes I received this was probably my least favorite. I loved the hot sauce, but the other two items I haven't even really used. I will definitely get around to it, maybe B will like the drinking chocolate better than I do.

I highly recommend checking out Veronica Belmont's Quarterly box if you have any interest in delicious gourmet food items, and Bay Area local foods. Once again, this box is $50 every quarter or every 3 months. They have all kinds of other curators to chose from on their site.

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Do you subscribe to Quarterly? Which curator do you receive boxes from? Have you been happy with the service? Let me know in the comments!

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