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February 25, 2014

Ipsy POP Beauty Lip Gloss Replacement

There were a few Ipsy subscribers this month who received a POP Beauty Lip Gloss that smelled bad. Some said it smelled rancid, others gasoline, but mine was one of these. Mine had a very strange smell, and I contacted Ipsy Customer Service about it, and they were kind enough to send me a replacement, along with an additional lip gloss from another brand.

This took 6 days to arrive, North Carolina to California, using DHL Global Mail.

Here's what they sent me:

Buxom Lip Gloss in Dolly - ($9 value) This was the extra they sent me, which was extremely nice of them to do. It's a sheer plum color, and very flattering. For some reason I keep getting hot pink lip products from Ipsy so I'm glad to finally have a color that looks better on me. This one is a little tingly feeling on.

POPBeauty Plump Pout Mini Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Freesia - ($8 value) Luckily this replacement doesn't have a smell, which I've heard others complained their replacement was worse. I was kind of hoping they'd send a mini in the Peony Petal color some other Ipsy subscribers received, but no such luck. I have to be very light with the application on this to make it look flattering.

Swatches, Buxom Dolly is on top, and POP Beauty Fuchsia Freesia on the bottom. As you can tell by my pale skin, the POP Beauty is a little too much for me, but I'm glad I have the Buxom now to use instead.

Ipsy Glam Bags are $10/month + tax, and they send you a makeup bag every month, along with 5 full size, deluxe samples, or samples. If you'd like to subscribe to Ipsy just click the link here!

Do you get a replacement lip gloss? Was there a smell, or did it smell like vanilla? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks to reading this, I emailed Ipsy. Mine smells quite horrid honestly. I'm scared to even use it, as I'm wondering if it was somehow contaminated. We'll see...

    1. Yes! They were so nice to send the extra, I'm hearing some other ladies are receiving an Urban Decay gloss, so I say go for it. Others also contacted POP so they were made aware of the issue, and those ladies are receiving a full size from them as well.

  2. I emailed them yesterday & they've already emailed me today saying a replacement is in the mail. Woohoo!! This was my first Ipsy bag, so not a great first impression, but the quick customer service definitely fixed that quickly. :-)


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