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February 4, 2014

Plow Restaurant Review

Plow is arguably one of the best brunch spots in San Francisco and it's relatively close to B's apartment, so we've been there quite a few times. It's a fairly small restaurant, and on the weekends the wait can be an hour or more. However, the food is delicious, and totally worth the wait. Here are a few of my favorite dishes, keep in mind that they do change some of the menu items regularly so not all of these are on the menu all of the time.

Similar to PiccinoPlow has counter seating right in front of their tiny kitchen so it's great fun watching them make your food. Or, it just makes you hungrier! I think we've only had a table seat once, so if it's just you or one other person, you'll probably sit at the counter.

The Plow - Comes with 2 eggs cooked however you'd like, choice of meat (I always get their house made pork sausage), 2 lemon ricotta pancakes, and crispy potatoes. This is one of the staple Plow dishes, they always have this on the menu, great dish to get your first time you go. It includes a little of everything and gives you a chance to try some of their best items all in one dish.

Fried Egg Sandwich - The fried egg sandwich comes with more of those amazing crispy fried potatoes, and you can add bacon which is shown above.

Fried Chicken Sandwich - This isn't on the menu all the time, but is a delicious dish. Definitely a must try if you see it on the menu. Again, more crispy potatoes!

Chicken Tingas - This is another special menu item, topped with scrambled eggs and avocado, B had to order this one! I had a taste, it was wonderful!

Eggs Benedict with Ham - They have several variations of the eggs benedict including one with mushrooms and spinach, salmon, or this one. Definitely one of the better eggs benedict dishes I've had, and more crispy potatoes! Seriously, the potatoes are like crack, put some hot sauce on them and you won't want to stop eating them!

French Toast - I think this is on the menu most of the time, but they usually have different fruit that they swap out depending on the season. This one happened to be strawberries. I'd like to mention that not all of the dishes come with the crispy potatoes, so if yours doesn't I recommend ordering it as a side. That's what B always does if he orders a dish without them.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes - They offer these as their own dish, and they are wonderfully light and airy. I would say if you want to try these, order The Plow dish instead because you get to try them, but they don't become overwhelming; you have other things with the dish. 

They're open Tuesday-Sunday, and the wait isn't so long on the weekdays. Weekends you can get lucky sometimes and some of the people don't show when their name is called so you get in a little earlier. On average though, the wait is about an hour. They have some spots to sit outside while you wait, and parking is usually pretty easy to find. There's also a bus stop right outside so you can take public transit as well.

If you want to make sure you get in for brunch, because they close in the early afternoon, I would say definitely get there before 1PM. Go try Plow!

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