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March 25, 2014

Amoda Tea March 2014 Review

Amoda Tea is a subscription service of artisan teas sent to your door every month. They send 3 different teas every month for $12 a month. Each package of tea is enough to make 5-7 cups of tea. I had a coupon code for a free first box, so I wanted to try it, review it, and see how I liked a tea subscription service. B loves tea and so do I, but he refuses to get sucked in to my subscription box addiction, but I always thought I could convert him with tea every month!

I didn't really think this was ever going to arrive, because I never got a purchase confirmation email and they don't have an account system. But it did, and I think I got it relatively early considering they ship these from Canada. It was delivered via USPS from Canada Post.

The cute little box with the tea and info card.

Info card that tells you about the tea, and the company who makes it.

The three teas for this month. I love the tiny little bags, makes it great for travel if you wanted to make tea in a hotel room for instance. I know this is a terrible way to make tea, but I have a little mini coffee maker, and I used to use it in college to make loose leaf tea with. Just put the tea into a coffee filter and brew it with the coffee maker. I hear you're not supposed to do this because coffee brews at a different temperature, yada yada, but it worked for me, and was nice in college when I didn't have the money to get something nicer. Now B and I use a French press, which I'm sure is also not proper, but it works for us! 

Honey Scented Black Tea by Oollo Tea - This was a nice mild black tea, and would have been great with a little honey, or milk added.

Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea - I opened this up to smell it, and holy cow it smells just like caramel! I can't wait to try this one, will probably be great with milk and sugar.

Rooibos Kalahari by Tea Affair - Rooibos is one of my favorite types of teas, they're usually very fruity, and most of them are caffeine free making them good for bed time tea. This one packs a citrus punch.

Overall, I liked Amoda Tea I think they offer a unique service because not many tea subscriptions are this inexpensive, but also let you try 3 different teas a month. Sometimes they do themes, but I don't think this month had a theme other than trying to educate us a little more on tea flavors and how tea is made.

I did have a little problem with not receiving a confirmation email on my order, it may have been because I had a coupon code, my box was free of charge. But those kinds of things always make me worry, especially when they have no account system. I had no way of knowing for sure if my order went through, if there had been a problem, anything. That was my only disappointment, but I think once I go through the "backlog" of tea I already have, Amoda Tea might be nice to sign up for again.

Amoda Tea is $12 a month, and ships free to the US, even though they are based in Canada. You receive 3 teas every month, and each bag is enough 5-7 cups of tea. Plenty to get you through the month before your next box arrives! They also offer links to purchase the tea in a full size amount if you really enjoyed a certain flavor.

What did you think of the March Amoda Tea box? Would you consider a service like Amoda Tea? Let me know in the comments!

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