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April 3, 2014

Fancy Mystery Boxes!

Fancy Mystery Boxes are available (still)! These have actually been on sale for a few days, they originally sold out immediately, but have been back in stock. They are $10 each, plus $7.95 shipping, and will include at least $30 in value! Once I saw a review for one that had some great stuff in it I ordered one! I've got 2 Women's and 1 Men's box coming soon, so look out for those reviews!

EDIT*: They now have 3 options for the Mystery Boxes, a $10 small box, $20 medium size box, and a $40 large Mystery Box. No idea what the values are supposed to be for the new sizes, but I might have to get a medium one now too!

Mystery Box

Fancy offers all kinds of monthly boxes, as well as the occasional Mystery Box. If you'd like to subscribe to any of the other Fancy boxes, you can click on the photos below. Most of them are $39 plus $7.95 shipping, but you can use the code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% off your order! They also offer these other boxes:
Fancy Box Fancy Food Box Subscription Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription
            Fancy Box - $39                 Fancy Food Box - $39       Kelly Rowland Fancy Box - $39

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Subscription Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription Verbal Fancy Box Subscription
Jennifer Love Hewitt Box - $39  Coco Rocha Fancy Box - $39  Verbal Fancy Box -$39

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Subscription Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box

Tyler Florence Fancy Box - $39  Snoop Dogg Fancy Box - $42  Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box - $39

                                                                                    Coming soon

For all other Fancy Box reviews, click here

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