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April 3, 2014

Bath and Body Works Haul

Bath and Body Works is always doing some kind of sale, and I was inspired by CompactsandCupcakes (she has a few Bath and Body Works haul videos) to take full advantage and get some nice products to keep my room and car smelling delicious!

Here's what I got:

Black Scentportable - My car probably doesn't smell the nicest, so I wanted to get a few of these to freshen it up.

Caribbean Escape Scentportable

Island Margarita Scentportable

Watermelon Lemonade Scentportable

I was hesitant to get too many of these wallflowers because I got one a few years ago, Fresh Bamboo and I loved it. It wasn't too strong and had a nice scent. Then I got some more during a holiday season one year and they gave me a headache immediately. They were too strong so they've sat in the cupboard. So I only got two of these in case they were too strong. I may have to pick up more Fresh Bamboo though.

Rio Glow Wallflower

South Beach Sun Wallflower

B likes to use hand sanitizer, so I figured I would get some to carry around for him and for me to use more. And I thought the turtle holder was pretty cute.

Wild Hibiscus Flower PocketBac

Sea Turtle PocketBac Holder

Island White Pineapple PocketBac

Mango Hibiscus PocketBac - 

Honoluli Sun PocketBac - 

Aloha Orchid PocketBac - 

I want to start burning candles more so I bought a bunch of the mini ones to try out some of the summer scents.

Caribbean Escape Mini Candle

Tiki Beach Mini Candle

Beach Cabana Mini Candle

Hawaiian Hibiscus Mini Candle

Lanikai Coconut Mini Candle

Peach Bellini Mini Candle

I plan on moving in with B again hopefully this summer, so I wanted to get some soap for our apartment. When we lived together in San Diego I always had a stock pile of the Gentle Foaming soap. 

Aqua Blossom Foaming Hand Soap

Aloha Orchid Foaming Hand Soap

Apple Mango Foaming Hand Soap

Honolulu Sun Foaming Hand Soap

Bath and Body Works always has some great sales, and deals, and buy 2 get 1 free sort of sales going on. I ordered this all online before smelling any of them. I just went by the scent descriptions to figure out which ones I would like. I'm pretty happy with all the ones I picked out, nothing that I don't think I'll like. Next time, I'll probably grab some Fresh Bamboo candles, and a few more new scents, or some more of the ones from the purchase that I end up really liking.

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