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April 3, 2014

Hatchery March 2014 Review

Hatchery is a newer food tasting subscription box, and for $20 a month you get a box full of gourmet and artisan product samples to try out. They have a shop on their website where you can purchase the full size if you really enjoyed a certain product! 

This box arrived in 5 days via USPS from Kentucky to California. 

I have to say this was the most nicely packed and presented box I've seen, everything was individually wrapped and it was fun to unwrap each one.

They include this huge info pamphlet with information about the products and suggestions for eating each one!

Ole Man's Original Spice Rub & Seasoning - ($1.25) This has kind of an Indian spice flavor profile going on, but I used some dusted over roasted cauliflower, which was delicious!

Causey's Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce - ($2.25) This stuff is pretty good, I've just been using it mixed with some mayo for a sauce for French fries!

Calivirgin Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil - ($4.75) This is very good, I wish I had some great fresh baked bread to soak this up with, but I don't. It's very sad.

La Fundidora Fuego Salsa - ($1.50) This was tasty but only enough for one or two servings. Had a pretty fiery kick.

Potlicker Kitchen Strawberry Chipotle Jam - ($1.75) This is ok, nothing really exciting. I've just been eating it with some goat cheese and crackers.

Big Island Bees Raw Organic Wilelaiki Honey - ($1.25) This is interesting has a sort of concentrated honey flavor, at least to me. I don't quite know what to use this with, except maybe with some pears and blue cheese.

Overall, this month's Hatchery box had a value of about $13, and it cost me $10 because I had a coupon, but normally they are $20 a month. I did have to estimate the value for each one because each item is a sample size. I don't know that the value is there to pay $20 for these 6 samples, maybe if they included one or two more it would be a better value. But the point is to get a chance to try these local products that you wouldn't get to try otherwise.

I do want to mention that while I paid for this box, I won a My Subscription Addiction giveaway for 3 months of Hatchery, so I'll be receiving 3 more of these boxes! I have absolutely no idea if I'll be getting another March box, or if it will start in April. Hopefully the later, so I don't get any overlap! Look for those reviews coming soon!

If you'd like to subscribe to Hatchery, you can do so here. Currently they are on a wait list system because they are a new subscription box, but I waited on it as well and it was only a few days. Hatchery is $20 per month, and they send 5-6 hand selected artisan ingredients every month.

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