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March 28, 2014

PijonBox March 2014 Review

PijonBox is a monthly subscription box for college students that's kind of like a care package! For $30.99 a month (as low as $23 if you subscribe to more months at a time), they offer a choice between a box specifically for females, males, or a gender neutral box. They send 5-6 items specifically geared towards college students, and have a value between $30-$50 per month. I received the female box for this March review.

This box was filled to the brim! I couldn't wait to take a closer look! The theme for this month was "Get Energized".
I had seen a few reviews for this month's box, and I was pretty excited to get the items myself! Even though it's been almost 3 years since I graduated from college (geez, where does the time go?) I think I would have loved getting a box like this every month. To restock some college essentials, like snacks, cosmetics, and hygiene products. 

I love it when subscription boxes include info cards, and PijonBox is no different. It includes some extra info and tips for using each of the products.

Pan De Oro Organic Tortilla Chips - ($4) This is a pretty large bag, and they taste great. I can't wait to snack on these with some salsa!

Not Your Mother's Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter - ($6) My hair is straight and very fine, so it could always use an extra boost. Especially after the work out sessions at my college gym I used to do.

Revolution Tea Sample Pack - ($3) I was a little more excited about getting tea than I probably should be, but I love having all kinds of tea around. They taste really good, and especially with this cold snap we're having right now in California, this tea is perfect. This would have been great for the rainy summer I had one year in San Diego, for late nights studying during finals.

Energems Energy Candies in Mint Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors - ($6 for both) These taste good, and don't have a strange aftertaste like many other energy products do. Definitely more delicious than drinking an energy drink for all night cram sessions!

TOCCS Panorama Earbuds - ($29) These look just like the Apple earbuds! They're comfortable, and I definitely don't mind having an extra set of earbuds. I could have used these all the time in college, I used to listen to music everyday when walking to class.

March's PijonBox had a total value of $48, and considering the $30.99 cost per month, I think that's a great value! I would have loved all these items in college, and even now as a "not-so-recent" graduate, I can get use out of all of them. 

PijonBox is $30.99 per month (less if you subscribe to more months at a time) for 5-6 items for college students. Right now they're offering $5 OFF a box, if you subscribe now on their website! Choose between the female, male, or neutral box.

Disclosure: I received this complimentary box for review purposes. This is my honest review, and no compensation was received for reviewing this box.

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