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March 29, 2014

Tyler Florence Fancy Box March 2014 Review

Fancy is a strange combination of things: kind of like Pinterest, kind of like an online shopping website, and they offer subscription boxes, some of them are from celebrities. I have been wanting to subscribe for a while, but I just couldn't afford it at the time. I finally took the plunge and subscribed to the Tyler Florence Fancy Box, and I am so glad I finally did!

Fancy boxes are $39 plus $7.95 shipping, and this one from Tyler Florence includes housewares and kitchen items.

It seemed very nicely packaged and came with an envelope of some Fancy stickers and a return sticker, which I actually didn't know they did. That would be nice if you got these for a while or if you got a bunch of items you already have.

Nice little info cards of each item in the box.

The first look, I actually already looked at some other reviews, so I knew what was in here.

Set of 2 Bamboo Servers - ($21) These are really nice quality I can't wait to use them in some nice salads!

White Spoon Rest - ($9) You can see that this arrived chipped, and I've emailed them about it. There's nothing quite like getting a feel for a company's customer service when you receive wrong items or damaged items the first time you order from them. I just wish it didn't feel like I have been emailing someone about some problem in almost everything I've received lately. I also didn't appreciate that the FedEx guy just basically dropped this box on the porch. They must never order anything online.

Besides the chip, I actually like this and totally need one. I can't wait to use my hopeful replacement.

Round Slate Coasters - ($12) Absolutely perfect. I have been wanting a set of nice stone coasters that are good quality, heavy, and will absorb all condensation. I have a few sets of just cheaper cork or metal ones, but these are just what I've been looking for.

Cake Server - ($6) Who doesn't need a cake server in their lives? I know I sure do. And more cake. There really isn't enough.

Small Cutting Board - ($25) This is light and really nice quality wood. I can't wait to have a  cheese tasting to use it.

Rustic Bakery 2 Seed Lavosh - ($8) I've had this brand of crackers before in one of my Quarterly boxes, so I know they're good. Will go perfect with my jam I got in my Hatchery box (look for that review coming soon).

The Tyler Florence Fancy Box cost $39 plus $7.95 shipping and I received $81 worth of products! That's a pretty good value, even though all Tyler Florence Fancy Boxes are promised to be worth $80+, so this is right on the cusp of that. I think this is a great box for someone getting their first place of their own, or even anyone that just needs to restock some essential kitchen utensils/items.

I have been slowly collecting many of the essentials for when B and I move in together again (hopefully this summer), and while I would say I probably have more kitchen stuff than your average apartment owner, I don't have any of these items yet, so I'm really glad I decided to subscribe to this box. I will be continuing my subscription as long as I can, money allowing.

Fancy offers all kinds of monthly boxes, as well as the occasional Mystery Box. If you'd like to subscribe to the Tyler Florence Fancy Box or any of the other Fancy boxes, you can click on the photos below. Most of them are $39 plus $7.95 shipping, but you can use the code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% off your order! They also offer these other boxes:
Fancy Box Fancy Food Box Subscription Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription
            Fancy Box - $39                 Fancy Food Box - $39       Kelly Rowland Fancy Box - $39

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Subscription Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription Verbal Fancy Box Subscription
Jennifer Love Hewitt Box - $39  Coco Rocha Fancy Box - $39  Verbal Fancy Box -$39

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Subscription Fancy Tailgating Box Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box

Tyler Florence Fancy Box - $39  Tailgating Fancy Box - $79  Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box - $39

                                                                                    Coming soon

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