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April 17, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box Women's #2 Review

My second Women's Fancy Mystery Box finally arrived! I think I like this one much more than my first one I received. I was hoping for some sunglasses in this just because I need some and I saw a few others had them, but alas I guess I'll either have to get another Mystery Box, or just buy my own. And what fun is buying my own when I could get another Mystery Box! (That's some subscription box addiction logic right there!)

Music Branch Headphone Splitter - ($10) I know there have been a few times B and I were traveling and wishing we had a headphone splitter with us, so I'll just have to remember to pack this all the time!

Bib + Tuck Chapstick - ($3?) This isn't on Fancy anymore so I'm estimating the value, but it's nice. Another chapstick. I have a hoard of lip balms, but many of them are ones B doesn't like so maybe he can use this one. If I carry it around for him of course, no way he'd carry it himself ; )

Neon Rim Frames by Isaac Jacobs - ($15) I think I actually like this frame, the bright color is nice. I just don't know what photo I'd put in it. I'll have to dig through my photo library to see if there's one I'd like to put in here.

Fancy Nail Lacquer by Rainbow Honey - ($21) Jackpot! I was hoping I'd get some nail polish and I actually just almost placed an order with the cuticle balm that's in this set on the Rainbow Honey site, and cancelled it last minute. I'm so glad I did, because now I can try it and order something else! This set comes with two full size polishes, red and black with silver glitter. The cuticle balm is a mini Sakura Matsuri and it smells divine! Love it!

Here's what the packaging looks like on the inside of the set. I don't quite understand why these are "Fancy" colors when the Fancy logo is blue and white. Seems like red and black are a little out of place.

They are really pretty though, but the red is really sheer, needs three to four coats to be opaque.

Overall, this Women's $10 Fancy Mystery Box had a total value of $49 which is pretty great considering I actually got an item or two I was eyeing and hoping for. Even better that the polish set included an item I almost bought just a few days ago! I may have to get a $20 or $40 Mystery Box to see what I get in those!

Fancy offers all kinds of monthly boxes, as well as the occasional Mystery Box. If you'd like to subscribe to any of the other Fancy boxes, you can click on the photos below. Most of them are $39 plus $7.95 shipping, but you can use the code FOLLOWUP10 to save 10% off your order! They also offer these other boxes:
Fancy Box Fancy Food Box Subscription Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription
            Fancy Box - $39                 Fancy Food Box - $39       Kelly Rowland Fancy Box - $39

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Subscription Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription Verbal Fancy Box Subscription
Jennifer Love Hewitt Box - $39  Coco Rocha Fancy Box - $39  Verbal Fancy Box -$39

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Subscription Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box

Tyler Florence Fancy Box - $39  Snoop Dogg Fancy Box - $42  Isaac Mizrahi Fancy Box - $39

                                                                                    Coming soon

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  1. I want the Rainbow Honey set!!! AHH!!! I don't get this box... wonder if I order it now if I'll get the set?

    1. They seem to be doing items and certain boxes in waves. This took a really long time for them to even ship and shipping took forever. I don't know that you would, but they have it available separately on the Fancy site!

  2. Yikes! $7.95 shipping on the $10 box...

    1. Yeah shipping is expensive and it wasn't even that fast. Upside though it came to the door and not delivered USPS to the mailbox. I usually get FedEx packages early in the morning or afternoon, where as our regular mail sometimes isn't delivered until 5PM! So that's one upside.