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April 20, 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2014 Review

My April POPSUGAR Must Have box finally arrived! Two actually, because I got an extra as a Mother's Day gift. My mom won't like everything, so I plucked out the items she won't care for for swap, and she'll be getting a box full of goodies! I was pretty proud of myself for this gift, I sneakily asked her if she liked the stuff in it when the spoilers came out, so I think I know what she'll like.

POPSUGAR Must Have is shipped FedEx, then delivered USPS. I ordered both of my boxes as part of the very limited 50% off deal they were doing this month, so they shipped a little later than others who had already been subscribed. This only took 3 days to arrive, shipped within California to me, several hours drive away.

Let's jump into the review!

When you open it up, it has some nice pink tissue with the info card on top telling you about all the items in your box and original price value of each.

Everything was packed very nicely, and this box was heavy! I walked down to the mail thinking I only had a few items today, but there were a few unexpected ones, so I was juggling mail, and 5 packages back up the street. I made it though. And I didn't drop anything so that was a win!

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap - ($10.50) This smells lovely! I can't wait to use up another soap and start this one. I'll definitely have to keep this company in mind when buying soap, although I don't think I can beat the 3 for whatever deals Bath and Body works always has.

Graphic Image Pocket Notes - ($20) I actually think this was cute, and I will use mine. I have absolutely no idea what I'd write in it, but it might be nice to have around. Especially in my purse, I'll probably keep it there.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette - ($36) This was the one product I pretty much decided to buy this box for, once I saw the spoilers. I love neutral palettes! They are kind of ma' thing and this one is so pretty, I can't wait to play with it and create different looks. And I love that it has a magnetic closure, palettes with that are always great to have.

Blue Avocado eco shopper - ($25) Here's how this looks folded up and open, the pattern is really cute, and I love how small it folds up to be. I will definitely be using this, and I think it would even be a cute beach bag!

Naturebox snack - ($5) Almonds, soybeans, corn, and cranberries. I have heard from a lot of other people that this wasn't their thing, but I love it! And bonus if my mom doesn't like hers I get to have another one! It certainly is a strange combination, but it somehow works. Salty, crunchy, sweet, that's just my kind of snack!

Fresh Pastry Stand Tea Towel Set - ($18) I was a little worried after ordering another box for my mom for Mother's Day and then seeing what the towels would look like. My mom has a ton of plain tea towels that are getting to the end of their life, they are stained and getting holes in them. But who knows, she might not care what they say. I've included it in her gift box and we'll see what she thinks on Mother's Day. I do like these, they are big and seem like nice quality.

Overall, I paid $20 for this box ($40 total for two boxes) and I think I'll be using everything in my box, and only a couple items from my mom's box will be swapped. She doesn't like the palette or notepad, so I'll try to swap hers. I'm not sure yet how she'll feel about the tea towels or Naturebox snack, so we'll see about those. I didn't care for the March box, which I know everyone else loved, but I was really glad I didn't bother with it, and got spoilers on this whole box and a 50% off code. I would have paid $20 for the palette alone, so it was such a great deal to get a bunch of other items I will use as well! I think POPSUGAR hit it out of the park this month!

If you still have not signed up for POPSUGAR Must Have box you can do so here. Their regular box is $39 a month, and includes food, lifestyle items, makeup, and fashion. Use code REFER5 to save $5 off your first box!

What do you think, of the POPSUGAR Must Have April box? Let me know in the comments!

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