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May 10, 2014

Julep Maven May 2014 Review and Free Box Code

My Julep Maven May 2014 box finally arrived, I didn't crowdfund but I did upgrade and got the whole collection and added on a few things including the Plié Wand. My Julep Maven boxes always seem to arrive fairly early compared to others, I think it's because they are sent out in order of who decides on their selection first. So people who decided on the 20th are sent first, then 21st, and so on. That's my theory anyways, I always pick on the 20th early in the morning, and always get my box earlier than others.

I received this in two packages, and it was a little strange how they did it. I got all the colors, and two of my add ons in the smaller purple Maven box, then my Plié Wand by itself in another plain black Julep box, which I think was because they were waiting for the wand to be shipped to them. I knew they were sending out the add ons separately, I got two separate tracking emails for them, but I didn't know most of my add ons were actually going to be in my regular Maven box shipment. There were a few problems with shipping and stuff this month, so I'm grateful I didn't have to deal with that too much. This definitely did arrive later in the month that it normally does, usually I get mine before the 1st of the month, but not too bad just a few days off.

Julep Maven boxes are always shipped 2-Day USPS Priority, so mine arrived in 2 days, from Seattle to California. My two different boxes arrived on different days though.

This month's theme was the Fresh Twist Collection and it was named that partly for the Plié Wand release.

Here was the first look of my box with almost everything in it, except the Plié Wand. I was a little surprised to see some of my other add ons in here, I thought this was just going to be my polish.

2 Pack Caps and Brushes - ($6) I mostly wanted this for the extra caps, so if I was doing a mani with a few different colors, I wouldn't have to switch the caps out while using them. I don't know about the brushes themselves though. They say to wipe them with nail polish remover first to remove the protective coating, but they seem very stiff even after that. I also had one that was all bent out at weird angles. Probably will only use these with non-Julep polish brands.

Swatch Me Stickers - I added these on to my first Maven box back in January of this year, and I was almost out, so I grabbed some more this month.

Here's everything from my main box with the polishes and most add ons. I was surprised they sent my Polish Lovers upgrade in the smaller Maven box, normally I get it in the bigger one. They also included a Luxe Repair sample this month. I like when they do the candy more, I wish they would have done that instead. It makes it feel more fun than a sample basically trying to get you to buy another product.

The whole Fresh Twist Collection! I absolutely love all the colors this month, I decided to do the Polish Lovers Upgrade and add on the wand. I know some of you noticed that it was cheaper to do that, than get the Ultimate Upgrade that had the same items. You did get the double Jules, but I wanted to spend less money rather than get more Jules lol!

Plié Wand - ($25/$20 Maven) I gave the wand a preliminary testing, and I have to say I like it. I'll do a full review on it once I get a chance to try a pedi with it, maybe it'll help me not have to be yoga flexible to reach my toes.

Jeanne - ($14/$11.20 Maven) This was surprisingly opaque, I did some swatches of all the colors. 2 coater.

Paulette - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Paulette was fairly thin, will probably need 3 coats.

Laree - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Laree is also pretty thin, I think these shimmers are just that way. 3 coats needed.

Saaya - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Also fairly thin, will need 3 coats.

Maddy - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Very opaque, 2 coats or even maybe 1 coat. 

Ramona - ($14/$11.20 Maven) This was a little goopy and thick, 2 thin coats will probably be fine, you may need a third.

Kam - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Surprisingly opaque since it's a lighter shade, 2 coats, maybe a third.

Jules - ($14/$11.20 Maven) Also a little goopy and thick, but also streaky. Will need three coats, maybe even 4.

Iona($14/$11.20 Maven) Thin and streaky for such a dark color, will need 3 coats, even better if they're thick coats.

Overall, I really like this month's Fresh Twist Collection and the Plié Wand. I decided against the Creativity Kit because I just bought a set of dotting tools and brushes, but having the extra caps will be nice. I wish I could just buy those, but I see why they don't because they come attached to the brushes.

What do you think of the Julep Maven May 2014 Fresh Twist Collection? How are you enjoying the Plié Wand? Let me know in the comments!

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