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August 23, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Deadly Hollywood Collection Review

Glamour Doll Eyes just released their brand new Deadly Hollywood collection, and I thought I'd take the bullet and review it for you all! The collection consists of 6 new shadows, 2 blushes, 1 glitter, 2 gel eyeliners, and 1 lip glaze. I just got the shadows, but I did review one of the blushes and the lip glaze in the August OTM review. This collection is permanent, so it's not limited edition.

The shadows are split into two smaller collections, Socialite and Outcast. They come in these cute little tubes with the shadows in the regular Glamour Doll Eyes jars.

Socialite: Espionage, Celebrity Sighting, and Pollution 

Espionage - "Matte black base with a red shift and intense silver sparkle."

Because this shadow is so dark the red shift almost looks purple in some angles, but you can definitely see the sparkle in the jar.

Celebrity Sighting - "An opaque satin white with a coppery red sheen and a strong red sparkle."

I couldn't pick up the red sheen much, it looks more silvery to me, but you can definitely see the sparkle.

Pollution - "A light beige with a low sheen, a copper and orange shift and a very subtle golden shimmer."

This color definitely looks a little coppery, especially over primer.

Swatches done over primer: Espionage, Celebrity Sighting, Pollution

Outcast: Corruption, Dirty Mistress, and Overdose

Corruption - "A dark matte brown base with a red sheen and a gold sparkle."

The red sheen in this is really prominent in the swatch, and it's a very interesting color. I do love my neutrals, but it's always fun when there's a surprise sheen of a different color.

Dirty Mistress - "A bright red base with a pink shift and a beautiful rainbow sparkle."

For some reason most red base shadows always look more pink to me, and this one is no different. But the sparkle in this one is pretty crazy colorful.

Overdose - "A light to medium gray with an orange and red shift and a strong blue sparkle."

In the jar you can totally see the red shift, and the blue sparkles, but once it's on it mostly looks like silver.

Swatches done over primer: Corruption, Dirty Mistress, and Overdose

Overall, I really like the shadows in the Deadly Hollywood collection, I love the special packaging for it, and all the colors are nothing like anything else I already have from Glamour Doll Eyes yet. I will always love neutral shadows, but these are neutrals with fun pops of color, sheen and sparkle. A few of the items in this collection are currently sold out, but as this is a permanent collection they will be back.

What do you think of the Glamour Doll Eyes Deadly Hollywood collection? Let me know in the comments!

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