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September 17, 2014

Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics Review

The Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics box was kind of a last minute decision to get. I grabbed it after they released the first spoiler, and it still hadn't sold out by then so I got one. I think I had a discount code so I didn't pay full price for it. It was originally $29 (plus $6.99 shipping) and is now sold out. 

I didn't get a bundle for this box, and it appears Memebox just changed their shipping. This box was shipped Registered Airmail via SRE Korea and was delivered via USPS in 14 days from Korea to California. This new shipping method is supposed to be more secure as everything is locked up and has to be accounted for. Memebox was loosing a lot of packages I suppose, and it was costing them a lot of money. But it's now double the time, I used to get packages in a week, and I had to sign for it.

I think some of my favorite boxes are the ones that have 4 products on the front of the info card. They tend to be good boxes.

Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel - (80g full size/$34)

Maybe I'm missing something, but if you don't have a sunburn, and you don't get facial peels, what benefit is a cooling gel on your face other than comfort? This gel is also supposed to strengthen and moisturize skin so I definitely do need that. Come winter, my face will look like a desert.

Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack - (100g full size/$36)

I'm really excited to try this, I've never used a face product with ash in it before! I've heard it can do wonderful things for your skin, so I am looking forward to using it.

Dewytree Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder SPF36 PA++ - (10g full size/$34) *Ingredients listed in English*

This powder has some very interesting packaging, there's a mirror on the lid, and you take that part off to reveal a powder puff that the product goes through to be applied to the face. It also includes an additional powder puff for replacement. The only thing I noticed was that the info card states this is SPF36, but the packaging says SPF27. I really like this, I don't like always doing a full face of foundation, so having a convenient powder like this that doesn't require a brush is ok in my book. Or using it as a finishing powder will be useful as well.

Shara Shara Black Charcoal Mask Purifying - (23g full size/$2) *Ingredients listed in English*

I'm always looking to try more kinds of masks, so I'm interested in trying this one! I hope I can scare B a few times by surprising him in a mask when we get our apartment together. That will be fun!

Elizavecca Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam - (120ml full size/$29)

This cleansing foam is made from charcoal, collagen from pig skin, and spider extracts o_O it may be a little weird, but I can't wait to try it. I just have too many cleansers at the moment to open another one, so this will go in my stash.

Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist (100ml full size/$18)

I don't know if I get face mists, but I do wish I had some when it was over 100 degrees here everyday. But my face gets especially dry in the winter so this might be a nice way to moisturize throughout the day.

Overall, the Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics box had a total value of $153, and I definitely liked this box. There are two products though that are meant to be used after toner, and it would be nice if there were more variety in kinds of products, or when they are to be used. Because having two products that are supposed to be used in the same step of skincare is a little disappointing, because you can't try both at once. But I am impressed by the sizes of these products, and even though some of them are a little iffy on following the Earth and Sea theme, I am still excited to use the mineral powder.

What did you think of the Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics box? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I got mine yesterday... This is one of my most favorite Memeboxes ever!

    1. I know! This one was great even if it went a little light on the theme :)

  2. I've heard great things about volcanic ash too. I'd love to know if it works! The cleansing foam is probably the cutest cleanser packaging I've ever seen, but...spiders? Pig skin? Not sure if I have to guts to pull that off! And the spider and pig look oddly happy for being INSIDE the cleanser! It's something very different yet so intriguing. Now I REALLY want to know how that one is! I'm kinda sad if we gotta sign for Memeboxes now...they always come by when I'm at work!

    1. The cleanser will be very interesting, especially if it works especially well. I'm wondering/hoping if you could leave a signed note in your mailbox with the tracking number and box information to get them to leave it without being there.


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