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October 27, 2014

Indie Halloween Week: Fortune Cookie Soap Third Time's The Charm Halloween Collection Review

Boo! Happy Indie Halloween Week! If you've been reading my blog, you know I've latched myself onto indie companies for most of my beauty purchases. And they all seem to love Halloween, so I accumulated so many Halloween collections and things to review, the only way I could get through it all before Halloween was to bring you a week of indie Halloween reviews! I know, it's just tragic isn't it? Anyhow, I thought we'd kick off the week with something small to get us started, shall we?

Fortune Cookie Soap occasionally does some one-off collections around certain holidays and such, and they did a Beetlejuice inspired Third Time's The Charm collection for Halloween! I will admit, I don't go hog-wild for Halloween, it's not my favorite holiday (if we can't be friends now, I'm sorry, I'm learning to love it I swear!), but Beetlejuice is a great movie so I figured I should pick up a few items to try from the collection! I also grabbed a few of the Witch Please collection stuff that was sold out before. I didn't get everything as there were certain products and scents I knew I wouldn't care for, so I skipped them. And there are some I'm now kicking myself for not getting, but if it were up to me, every scent would just be available as a perfume.

Shipping - When I ordered, Fortune Cookie Soap's turnaround time was at 7 business days. My order shipped after 8 business days, via USPS 2-Day Priority, and arrived 2 days later.

Here's everything! It's not a lot, but I got pretty much everything I wanted!

The Shiz Foaming Hand Soap - "A woodland hike through damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel and sweet clove."

This was one of the items from the Witch Please collection that I missed out on the first time it was released, so I grabbed the restock. The Shiz is one of my favorite scents from Fortune Cookie Soap and I had to have a foaming hand soap of the scent! It smells like a sweet outdoorsy scent, and really you can never have enough foaming hand soap.

Strange & Unusual Fortune Cookie Soap - "Sticky black licorice, smeared on bloated black cherries.."

I didn't actually purchase this soap, I won it in the Fortune Cookie Soap Fan Facebook page giveaway, and I like it more than I anticipated considering I don't like black licorice. I get the feeling that the only portion of the soap that is black licorice is the black drizzle over the top, so I wonder if by using it you get down to just the cherry portion. But it reminds me of the peel apart cherry Twizzlers that are one of my favorite candies. 

The Shiz Perfume Oil - "A woodland hike through damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel and sweet clove."

Again, this is one of my favorite scents, and the perfumes were sold out before so I had to grab one to keep as a back up. It smells really similar to Alchemic Muse's Countrycide perfume, so I would definitely recommend either of those perfumes if you like outdoorsy scents, with a sweet touch to them.

Prince Valium Perfume Oil - "A magical blend of cotton candy & lemon drops, slithering with caramel & raspberry jam, with wild lavender lurking in the background."

I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume, I was a little worried all the super sweet notes would be too much, but it smells like the cotton candy out of the bottle, then on the skin morphs to a tiny bit of the raspberry jam, but mostly the caramel and lavender. It's just a nice sweet perfume. Not sickeningly so, but just a sweet smelling perfume. I probably wouldn't buy another bottle, but I will definitely use this one.

Zombie Repellent Personal Space - "Rotten apple flesh & mulled fruits decomposing on spicy cinnamon sticks, with smears of brown sugar, muted with black vanilla bean and warm oak."

I was hoping this would be nice and fall-ish, and it is, but it smells just like their other scent There's No Place Like Home. And it doesn't stick around long either, so it's hard to smell in the air. I'm probably going to throw this in my car to keep it smelling nice the rest of the season.

Here Lies...Bath Bomb - "Weed-strewn grave, wet rotting apples, swirled with thick ropes of caramel and a dusting of brown sugar."

Just smelling this bath bomb as is, I don't like the scent. It smells too much like actual rotting things to be appealing. I'll probably just break this into small chunks to use in the bath, maybe quarter it? And I didn't notice until it actually arrived that, what do you know, there's like sparkly mica or something coating the top of the bath bomb. I am not looking forward to cleaning the tub after using this, or even a portion of it.

Overall, I thought the Third Time's The Charm collection was pretty good. I liked the movie references, and that there were some products from previous years that made a comeback. But I didn't buy much of the collection because it seemed like half of it was some sickeningly sweet food scent, and I knew I wouldn't like those. I wish there was a little more variety, and there was one product I was hoping would come back, but didn't, Ghost Gum 2.0, so it's a bummer because I would have purchased that. And I get that Fortune Cookie Soap's biggest sellers are all their super fruity scents, but I don't care for them, I want more variety. There were several in this Halloween collection, and I just don't see why there needs to be a bunch of fruity smells all year long? I want Fall and Winter scents, not Summer. 

Availability - The Third Time's The Charm collection is still available as of this post, as well as the Witch, Please Collection, but they will probably be gone soon. The winter items will be coming in the middle of November.

Overall Satisfaction - I like anything in The Shiz, the Prince Valium perfume was a surprise favorite, the Strange and Unusual FCS was better than I had hoped, Zombie Repellant wasn't unique and the scent didn't stick around at all, and the Here Lies bath bomb was a bust. It will probably be a while before I make another purchase.

Did you getting anything from the Third Time's The Charm Halloween collection? What did you get? Let me know in the comments!

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