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October 27, 2014

Indie Halloween Week: Shiro Cosmetics Notebook Collection Review and Swatches

Shiro Cosmetics is discontinuing their Death Note inspired Notebook Collection, and because it's a great anime TV series, I had to get the collection before they were gone! I got samples of everything, currently all sample sizes and mini jars are sold out, but full size jars will be guaranteed to be available until November 1st.

Shiro Cosmetics is an indie makeup company based out of Oregon, that focuses on geeky themed collections inspired by some of our favorite fandoms, including Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Avengers, and others. They offer sample bags, mini jars, and full size jars, and every month they have a color of the month that is voted on by their Facebook page fans.

Shipping - I placed this order the first day the Notebook Collection was discontinued, and it shipped via USPS 3 days later, and arrived in 3 days.

Sample baggies of the whole Shiro Cosmetics Death Note inspired Notebook Collection. They don't look like much in the bags, but wow do these shadows have great pigmentation, and are just beautiful. Also, Shiro is known for their generous portions in samples, so if you're hesitant, you can't really beat $1 sample shadows where you get a ton of product.

Here was everything I ordered, if you'd like to see the Sherlock inspired Cheekbones Contouring Powders Collection review, click here.

Detective - "Medium taupe with very subtle blue shimmer."

Divine Justice - "Tan-brown with strong golden shimmer."

Heart Attack - "Deep maroon with blue shimmer."

Heaven Nor Hell - "Velvety, shimmery gunmetal gray."

Mistrust - "Dirty medium brown with silver sparks."

Out of this set of the collection, I think my favorites are Heart Attack and Heaven Nor Hell. Heaven Nor Hell is more blue that I thought it would be, but it works. It makes it more unique than just your standard gunmetal gray shade. Divine Justice and Mistrust are too similar for my liking, but if you're into neutrals, those two and Detective will be great for your pigment collection.

More Sugar - "Dark brown-taupe with lighter creamy shimmer."

Perfect World - "Pure, soft metallic gold."

Second Kira - "Charcoal with bright golden sparks."

Shinigami - "Dark, slightly sheer royal purple with silver sparks."

Task Force - "Shimmery deep red-toned purple."

From this half of the collection, my favorites are More Sugar and Task Force. I used More Sugar by itself for a look when I went to a friend's wedding, and it's a very pretty taupe gray. Task Force is just perfect for Fall, a deep berry color. Shinigami was a little under-pigmented I thought, but might work better over some glitter glue, or blended out with Heaven Nor Hell, or More Sugar.

Availability - These shadows can be purchased in full size form until November 1st, and then they will be discontinued for good.

Overall Satisfaction - I was really surprised by the pigmentation of many of these shadows. My favorites were Detective, Heart Attack, Heaven Nor Hell, More Sugar, and Task Force. But because Shiro samples are so generous, I probably won't be buying any of these in full size.

What do you think of the Shiro Notebook Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Some lovely colours there! I'm having a heart attack over the awesomeness of Heart Attack! :)


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