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November 29, 2014

Indie Thanksgiving Week: Ten Three Labs Perfume Review

I wanted to get this review up yesterday, but Black Friday sales and deals were happening, and I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner the day was a busy few days. I hope you all that celebrate had a lovely and delicious Thanksgiving, and hopefully you got to spend it with your friends or family! I have a review for you of some of Ten Three Labs' perfumes, including a few that just released for Black Friday, so they are sneak peeks! I've had these for like a month, but I had no idea what the few that weren't on the site were going to be for, so I figured I'd just wait until I either knew or I had a chance to review them. Once I learned they were Black Friday scents, I figured now would be a good time to get the review up!

Ten Three Labs is a newer indie company specializing in perfume, eyeshadow, and lip balms and lip tints. The owner, Cara, is currently stocking fandom sets and products inspired by The Hunger Games and Bob's Burgers.

Shipping - My order shipped 3 days after I placed the order, and arrived in 2 days via USPS from Tennessee to California. I would like to mention that I know the owner was going through some personal life stuff when I ordered, and she still managed to get my order out quickly and efficiently.

You can see in the photo, that with each order you get some candy, some flower seeds, and a Fortune Teller Miracle Fish, which is just a fun novelty item.

Product Size - Sample size perfumes are 1ml, and the full sizes offered are 5ml. The salve sticks are in oval lip balm tubes.

Free SamplesTen Three Labs included a free sample perfume in my order.

I let Cara choose which perfumes were in my Blogger sample pack, and she wrote out the reasons why she choose each one on my invoice.

Always Carry Roses - "Victorian rose, vanilla, blackcurrant, osmanthus."

Cara picked this one because she hates rose scents, but she said she actually likes this one. I agree, it's kind of a fruitier rose scent, with a hint of vanilla. The rose note itself seems like very high quality, and mixed with the fruity blackcurrant it gives it a little tang that plain rose notes lack. Definitely for rose lovers, but those who don't typically like them might enjoy this as well.

Artificial Angels - "Apple, black cherry, sugar cane, olive."

Oh yum, I don't have any perfumes with cherry notes and it combined with the apple is really lovely and fruity. I stays very close to the skin, but I really like this. Cara picked this scent for me because she loves cherry scents, and this is very nice. I've always wondered how you get an olive scent in a perfume, and this one has it, but you can't detect it just by smelling it. Fruity, sweet, yummy, I want to eat this. Preferably in pie form.

Dark-Eyed Daughter - "Brown sugar, almond, gardenia, lotus, cranberry and plum."

I remember initially smelling this and thinking I smelled cherry in this one too, but it's the almond note. Cara picked this one because it's the first scent she ever made. It's very interesting, it's like a sweet gourmand, but florally as well. I can almost smell every note, as you breath in the scent, you can pick them all out. The sweetness of the sugar, the nuttiness of the almond, the floral from the gardenia, and the fruitiness of the cranberry and plum. Quite nice for a first perfume!

His House of Fear - "Absinthe, pear, tobacco, smoke, vetiver, bay rum and brimstone."

Cara picked this one because even though she doesn't personally wear it, she loves smelling it. It's definitely very unisex, leaning more masculine. I can smell the absinthe right off the top, and the tobacco and vetiver lingering underneath. I might try to see if B will wear this, but even I don't know if I would like it on him. It smells good, but kind of peppery? I'm not sure how I feel about it.

In the Kingdom of Shades & Silence - "Vanilla, bay rum, tobacco, bergamot, osmanthus."

I love what Cara said about this one, so I'll directly quote her; "the citrus-ness of it appeels." It is very citrusy, I really like this one. I don't think I own anything like it, it's kind of watery, but sweet, and I can't pick out the tobacco. It's very yummy, I don't think I would have picked this one out for myself, but I am so glad she included it. Very mysterious, because I don't think it smells anything like the notes, except for the bergamot.

Marshmallow Massacre - "Toasted marshmallows, buttered popcorn."

This was the extra sample Cara included for me, and unfortunately it's no longer available, it was only sold for Halloween. Immediately I can smell the buttered popcorn, like the kind you get at the theater with loads of artificial butter on it. Delicious though, I love that stuff. The marshmallow doesn't really make an appearance until after dry down. It's similar to Haus of Gloi Ghost Puffs though, but I think less marshmallowy.

Where the Glory in the Crowning - "Blood orange, clove, cherry, myrrh."

Here's another cherry scent, but it's definitely darker. The clove gives it a little spiciness, but even though I don't like most scents with clove, I like this one. The blood orange rounds out the fruitiness of the cherry, and the clove and myrrh ground it so it's not too fruity nor too sweet. Very nice, if you like fruity scents, or cherry you will probably like this one.

Peppermint Punch Salve Stick - "Extra-strength peppermint"

The Salve Sticks are packaged in the oval lip balm tubes, which I prefer over the round ones. This flavor really does pack a punch, a minty punch, which is very tingly. The balm texture itself is smooth and quite light, not waxy at all. This one does feel a bit grainy, but not overly so.

Overall, I think Ten Three Labs is a great new indie company to check out if you're looking to try something new. They have a little bit of everything, including perfume, lip products, and eyeshadows. The packaging looks really nice and professional, and the perfumes are interesting and unique. My favorites were In The Kingdom of Shades & Silence and Where the Glory Is In The Crowning. I think if you really like peppermint lip balms, the Peppermint Punch will be perfect for you, or they also have an ever stronger one. I liked everything I smelled, but nothing really wowed me. Like I said, these perfumes are not like any others I've smelled, but nothing was a must-have for me.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact Ten Three Labs for any issues with my order. I thought it was great of Cara to write out an explanation for each perfume she picked and why she picked it.

Availability - Everything I reviewed is available for sale, except Marshmallow Massacre. The perfumes are available as the sample sizes I have here, or full size.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite scents were In The Kingdom of Shades & Silence and Where the Glory Is In The Crowning. I would order again from Ten Three Labs.

What did you think of Ten Three Labs perfumes? Let me know in the comments!

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Disclosure: I received a blogger discount on this perfume pack. This is my honest review.


  1. I am definitely going to have to re-order from Ten Three Labs to include some perfume next time around. I stuck to Salve Sticks and Smudge Sticks. I quite enjoy them, they are really moisturizing and seem to last quite some time for a balm. The smudge stick color is to die for too.

    1. I need to try the Smudge Sticks the next time around!


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