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November 30, 2014

Indie Thanksgiving Week: Limnit Lipsticks Review

Limnit Lipsticks is another company who's having a Black Friday weekend sale, through Cyber Monday. All lipstick minis are 20% off no code needed. Currently Limnit Lipsticks only offers the mini jars, as she is reformulating the full size lipstick tubes, which will be available again in 2015. I think the thing that really drew me to buy from this company was that there weren't many reviews for it, but the reviews they did have were rave reviews. Everyone who's tried Limnit Lipsticks loves how pigmented, moisturizing and long lasting the lip colors are. I had to see for myself!

Limnit Lipsticks is owned by Trina, and specializes in high quality, opaque, and moisturizing lipsticks. Limnit Lipsticks is located in Virginia and is known for beautiful wearable colors, as well as some of the more non-traditional lip colors.

Shipping - I placed 3 total orders for all these colors, and they shipped 6 days after my final order. It arrived 2 days later via USPS from Virginia to California.

All of the jars originally came shrink wrapped, although it didn't look like the shrink wrap was fully shrinked...the plastic band wasn't completely flush with the jars.

Product Size - The mini lipstick jars are 2g. Full size lipstick tubes will be available again in 2015.

Free Samples - I received one mini jar of League Of My Own free with my order. It was great to see that since the craziest shade I went with was the gray shade. She even stated that she included it for me, just for fun.

For the most part, my technique for applying these was a little bit of lip balm on my lips before hand, dab off, then I swirled my finger in the lipstick pot and applied with my finger. You are supposed to use a lip brush to apply these, but I find I have an easier time with just my finger. The lines aren't as crisp around the edges with a finger, but I honestly hate using a lip brush, and figured I'd be applying these most of the time with my finger anyways. I will mention that it did take quite a few passes through the jar to get enough product out to make them the opacity you see in my swatches.

All the colors I'm reviewing. You can see I mostly got all the reds, pinks, purples; the wearable shades for the most part.

Abracadabra - "A slightly warm, deep purple."

This is probably the edgiest of the wearable shades Limnit offers. It's not a pink purple, or a berry shade with purple undertones, it is PURPLE. Even though purple lips are very in right now, this shade is still a little more daring than most of the purplish lip shades that are out there. But it's easy to build up, and I bet it would be a great color to mix with some of the other shades from Limnit.

Castle In The Sky - "A slightly-cool pinky purple."

This was one of the few shades that I had a hard time getting to fill in the lines of my lips so it wouldn't look like it was less opaque than it was. But the description is spot on, it's a pinky purplish shade, and much more cool toned than Abracadabra. Even with the teeny bit of trouble I had applying this one, for a light shade, you can still see how pigmented and opaque these lipsticks are.

Goodness Graycious - "A slightly cool medium 'greige' (gray with a smidge of brown)."

This one was the most out there shade I bought, mostly because I had seen some other reviews and swatches of it, and I thought it looked very pretty for a gray lipstick color. It definitely does have a brown tone to it, which I think is what makes it attractive to me. It's kind of a nude, but not boring like I find most nude lip colors. Definitely not your typical nude lipstick, but also flattering at the same time.

League Of My Own - "A medium, more green-than-blue teal inspired by the sea."

This was my free mini Trina included for me, and I'm so glad she did. I probably never would have bought this on my own, but after photographing it and wearing it, I can now say I want all the weirder colors she carries! I actually was about to buy them during the sale going on right now, but mentioned to B I wanted them, and he kind of asked for the list, so hopefully I'll be getting those as presents for Christmas! But back to League Of My Own, it's a teal shade that looks surprisingly fun and flattering on me, I didn't expect that at all. But, I'll be attending a fun event this week, that this will be perfect for, so I'm glad I have it to wear.

Ms. President - "A medium, vibrant brick red."

When I looked at the swatches of this shade, and compared them to what I saw wearing this shade, it looks like a totally different color. It looked more like a coral shade to me, with maybe a touch of brick red, but maybe I didn't put enough on to get the full effect. I was pretty disappointed because even though the shade in the photo is a very pretty coral shade, it's not really the shade I thought this would be, and I liked the swatch photo from Limnit Lipsticks better.

Olly Olly Oxen Free - "A versatile, medium oxblood with purple undertones."

This one is a big stainer! I was actually really surprised that for the most part, this one was the one that had the most staining on my finger and lips from application. But I forgive it because it's such a beautiful dark oxblood shade. I'll definitely be using a brush to apply this one, as I fear I may never get the pink stain off my finger. I love this color though, I wish Limnit Lipsticks had more vampy dark shades available. This is the only one.

Petal To The Metal - "A bold melon-pink."

I like this one! I actually don't really have much matte lipstick in my collection, so something like this shade is a great baby doll pink shade, perfect for pretty much all occasions. It's not a shade I would be inclined to pick up in a store and buy myself, but now that I have this I really like this color.

Punk'in - "A bright and bold orange-red, similar to the skin of a ripe pumpkin."

At first, this looked really orange to me, but it's definitely got some red undertones. I've never been a big fan of the orange lip trend, but this shade looks really good! Definitely a more wearable version of orange lipstick. Plus, I love the name of this shade.

Racin' Carnation - "A bright red lipstick that contains just a smidge of pink."

I think this one stained a little, hard to tell since I still had staining from Olly Olly Oxen Free on my finger. But I like that this isn't just another red lipstick, with the slight bit of pink it has in it. And this one really seemed to smooth out the lines of my lips, which I appreciate because mine are perpetually dry. I keep lip balm all over the house for that very reason. Just a great updated take on a red lipstick shade.

Swept Away - "A lovely dusty rose. Teetering between a medium mauve and cool pink."

On me, this is a pretty close "my lips but better" shade. This is another one I didn't know how I would feel about because I tend to prefer bolder lip shades this time of year, but I love this shade. And it's just so great how opaque this is. I tend to associate lighter lipstick shades, with impossible to make look good, but that says more about the poor quality of products I'm thinking of. And now you really know how few lipsticks I own...not anymore though!

The Fuchsia Is Now - "A medium, cool pink."

It's funny, when I was swatching these I had terrible lighting where I was applying them, but once I got to my lightbox, I was like oh wow that's how that looks! I remember this being one where I couldn't really tell what color I was putting on, until I got to the camera, and you can really see how varied and different all the shades I got are. This one is kind of a demure hot pink shade, much warmer toned than Castle In The Sky, but still just slightly cool toned. Just a very lovely shade.

Overall, I found these to be some of the best quality and moisturizing lipsticks I've ever tried. Even though they are semi-matte, they don't feel drying at all. The texture is hard to describe, but it's like a really dense waxy balm. You can press really hard on the product in the jar and it doesn't move at all, but once you start rubbing your finger on it, the warmth from your finger will warm up the product and make it more creamy in texture.

I can't wait for the actual lipstick tubes to be re-released next year, those will be great to try. If you're not comfortable with lip brushes or hate them like I do, you may want to wait for the lipstick tubes to try Limnit Lipsticks, but if you think you can handle applying a lipstick with your finger, I thought the jars were actually pretty convenient for that. Maybe not the most precise, but I bet using your pinky finger would make the lines pretty crisp if you're patient applying.

I was missing more vampy shades from Limnit, I wish she had more shades similar to Olly Olly Oxen Free since that seems to be one of the most popular shades. I just bought some non-indie lipsticks that are really dark and vampy, which is exactly what I want for the season right now. Most of the Limnit Lipsticks shades are quite light in color, so it would be great to see some darker tones eventually. Despite this, these shades are really varied and quite stunning. I am so impressed and in love with the formula that I'm actually thinking about getting the blue, green and other crazy color shades they have. I just want everything Limnit Lipsticks has.

Customer Service - At the time I made these orders, she was restocking a few shades a week, and let everyone know to tell her if they wanted their orders held to ship all at once. I requested my orders to be held, and she contacted me before the last restocks happened letting me know she was a little behind because of a power outage, and that people could have their orders held longer if requested. I thought that was really great of her to keep her customers up to date like that. Otherwise, I had no issues with my order.

Availability - Most of these shades in mini jars are currently available, with the exception of a few that are sold out right now. They will probably return after the Black Friday weekend sale. Full size lipstick tubes will be available in 2015.

Overall Satisfaction - I cannot state enough how much I love these lipsticks. I like the mini jars for travel and I don't mind applying with my finger, but I will probably re-buy my favorite shades in the lipstick tubes when those become available. If you twisted my arm and made me name favorites, they were probably Olly Olly Oxen Free, Racin' Carnation, and The Fuchsia Is Now. But honestly I loved them all, and I will be buying the rest of the colors Limnit Lipsticks offers. Yes, even Between The Lines.

What did you think of the Limnit Lipsticks minis? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great swatches! Shades like Punk'in always call my name. There's something about orange that wants on my face haha

    And it's too bad about Olly Olly Oxen Free staining! That's a beautiful shade.

    1. Punk'in was a very nice orange shade. Olly Olly Oxen Free is one of my favorites, the staining will have to be forgiven!


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