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December 1, 2014

Monthly Favorites November 2014

For some reason or another I actually thought I missed a month of favorites because it seems like it was so long since I did October's! But nope, apparently November just felt really long to me. Another month jam-packed with indie favorites, but that's probably because I've almost exclusively switched over to indie cosmetics, with the exception of my skincare products.

Limnit Lipsticks - I just recently swatched these lipsticks and wrote a review about them, but I haven't had long, or much chance, to wear them daily out and about. But I can't wait to, because they are so beautiful and pigmented. If you're looking for some great semi-matte lipsticks, these will be available in full size lipstick tubes in 2015.

Sixteen92 Shower Gel - I am so sad these weren't available for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale Sixteen92 was having, because I would have bought a few full size bottles! This is the first indie shower gel I have tried and it was very lathery, sudsy, and smelled amazing! Using a loofah with this was just perfect, and I'm going to be so sad when my mini sample bottles run out. Luckily, I have another scent in Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Haus of Gloi Whipped Soap - Have I mentioned how much I like Haus of Gloi's whipped soap? Because it's also great, just as lathery and sudsy as the Sixteen92 shower gel, but i think the scent lasts even longer, and it feels just a tad bit more moisturizing. I will probably buy a few for every season and try to get through them before the next season's products go up.

Notoriously Morbid November Vanishing Cabinet shadows - I just love November's Vanishing Cabinet shadows, they were such favorites this month. They were pretty much the only shadows I brought with me when I went to B's house, and I just cycled through them every weekend. Some days I only wore one color, but one day I paired Quinn with Northman in the crease and it was so pretty! I need to make some other looks with combinations of the shadows, because they look great on their own, but also amazing together.

Dave's Coffee Syrup - This stuff was in this month's Mantry crate, and it was so delicious, I basically drank the whole thing in a week! I just mixed it with milk and ice, and to me it tasted just like the chocolate milk I used to make when I was younger. It was just Hershey syrup in milk and I added a splash of whatever coffee creamer we had in the fridge. But this version has coffee! Which is much better in my opinion.

Wine Glass Writer - Whenever I go over to B's we pretty much always have wine, and it's fun to write fun names on the glasses. I usually try to give each of us a different name on the glasses every time, and it's a lot of fun. I might actually have to buy some more of these as stocking stuffers for people.

Notoriously Morbid Coffin Kissers - These are still my favorite lip balms I've tried, I keep one with me at all times, and all over the house so I'll never be without. My lips just aren't as dry this winter as they normally are when I use the Coffin Kissers. I can usually be found applying these several times a day.

Haus of Gloi Hair Oil - Some days I just need some good hair oil for my hair, to keep the ends from being super dry. I just use 6-7 drops on my ends after I shower. I just flip my head upside down, and just apply it to the end of my hair hanging down. Then I comb it through, and my hair will be shiny and moisturized all day. Plus, it will smell good too!

Darling Clandestine Pistolas - Really I'm just loving everything Darling Clandestine makes, but especially Pistolas. I have been wearing it a lot lately, and since it's in the little solid perfume jar, I can actually apply it straight from the container and I don't need to dip my finger in because it's overfilled a little. And it just smells so lovely and lady like on me. To me it smells like jasmine, even though that's not one of the notes in it. And jasmine is one of my favorite floral scents, but I suppose it's just the gardenia in it, which tends to smell like jasmine to me.

Glamour Doll Eyes Food Coma - This pressed shadow has been a life saver when I took it with me to B's, but I forgot my actual makeup brushes. I was able to apply this with just my finger and it looked great. And I think it's actually been months since I've worn a neutral brown shade, so it was a nice change of pace to just wear a neutral eye look without another bright color mixed in. And I love that you can actually see the green sparkles when it's on your eyes.

Glamour Doll Eyes Hot For Teacher Blush - This has been my go-to blush lately, which is surprising considering it has glitter in it! I don't typically reach for glitter blush, I tend to prefer mattes, but this one just looks too good to not wear everyday. I'll definitely be buying this full size when it releases tomorrow!

What were your favorites for November? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. "Coffee Milk" is a big thing in Rhode Island. Many people from other states (including our neighbors like Connecticut and Massachusetts) haven't even heard of it! Glad you liked it! And those Notoriously Morbid shadows are gorgeous!


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