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November 12, 2014

Julep Maven December 2014 Sneak Peeks, Swatches, and Spoilers

Julep has been hosting Maven Meetups in a few cities around the country recently, and yesterday they had one in San Francisco, and I got a chance to go! It was a great excuse to see B, and he was nice enough to escort me and wait around while I swatched the upcoming December collection, and a few other holiday polishes and products!

Ok, I'll explain a little more about each shade, and please forgive some of the swatches that look smooshed, I went to do a second coat for some since they weren't opaque, and it came out in a big gloop and I had to stick these in my purse before they had a chance to fully dry. Also forgive me, I forgot to write down which beauty profile each belonged to, but I figured since so many of you customize your box now, it doesn't really matter as much. If I am able to find it, I'll add it later to this post.

Aurora - This was a silver metallic shade, not really original, and pretty dupeable with a few other Julep polishes, and just not all that exciting for me.

Chatoya - This one was probably the hardest to describe as it looked different every time I looked at it. It's almost a chunky holographic glitter, but not quite, I think there's just a few shades of glitter in a clear base. Rose gold, maybe some bronze, blue and maybe purple? Hard to tell, but it's nice, definitely a more original shade of the bunch.

Ilga - This was a 2 coat swatch, and the second coat came out in a big goop. Just a dark red oxblood creme shade, nothing exciting or original.

Karissa - 2 coats, a red creme. Completely unoriginal for the holidays, this could have been a crazy glitter or something more exciting.

Paula - 2 coats, a violet blue creme with some tiny tiny holographic looking glitter in it. You can barely see it without looking really closely, so I don't think it will translate to the nails well.

Rochelle - Another 2 coater, a shimmery dark pink purple creme. Pretty, but still not very exciting to me.

Sharna - Tons of bronze glitter in a clear base, this was only one coat, so definitely very opaque.

Sienna - This is the one I'm really scratching my head at, this shade is already out and has been for years. Why it's in this collection again just baffles me. It's not particularly exciting, and Julep already has a few other shades that look exactly the same.

Soleil - Just a rose gold metallic shade, this was only one coat so it's pretty opaque. But again, Julep has about 5 different rose gold polishes already, why is there another one?

Everly - (Gift with purchase) This polish is a mix of tiny red glitter with chunky circle or hexagonal glitter in a clear base. This is 2 coats, so it can be built to be opaque, or if you only do one coat it could be a good glitter topper. This is going to be a gift with purchase, but for what, they didn't say.

Nell - (Add on) This is the add on shade for December, and this is a 2 coat swatch. I found it to be the goopiest shade of the bunch they had there, and it's kind of a light pink base with a mix of holographic glitter.

Savannah - (Topaz for December) They had the December birthstone polish there, so I figured I'd swatch it for those who haven't bought it yet. This has got a light blue base color, with random blue glitter chunks mixed in, and a silvery blue shimmer.

Patricia - (MKT EX) This is a polish that was labelled MKT EX, so we assumed it meant Marketing Extra, but what that means is beyond me. I even asked Jane Park and she didn't know what they were going to be for (really?) so I have no idea. It's like a more dark purple version of Rochelle, with some pink shimmer in it.

Sue - (MKT EX) This was another "Marketing Extra" and it's a rose mauve with pink shimmer, which you can hardly see in the photo or in person.

Unnamed - (April '15) Hey it's a holographic polish from Julep! Too bad it looks just like Tin this polish is currently unnamed and someone will get a chance to name it. I don't know how that will happen or when, but that's what they doing.

Ok, they also had some of the holiday gift sets there, so I swatched a few of the shades that are new, as well as the eyeliners from the Stargazer set!

Emer - (in the Just for Yule set) This was one of the new shades that is in a gift set that we haven't seen yet, but this was a forest green creme with green shimmer.

Ruth - (from the Sugar Plum set) This one was one of my favorites I swatched, it's like a lavender purple jelly with those holographic flakes in it. They are pretty packed in there, so you can only not see them when you look at it straight on.

Gretchen - (from The Royals set) This was another that looked really pretty in the bottle, I believe this set is all minis, so it is only a mini polish. But it's a red purplish shade with gold shimmer, very pretty for the holidays.

Violet Shimmer - (from the Stargazer set) This is one of the eyeliners from the Stargazer set, and it's a blackish purple shade with gold shimmer. Once these eyeliners dried, they didn't budge, so they seem to have good staying power.

Sepia Brown Shimmer - (from the Stargazer set) A bronze gold shade, with a slight golden shimmer.

Emerald Shimmer - (from the Stargazer set) An emerald green with green shimmer.

Cosmic Black Shimmer - (from the Stargazer set) This one is interesting because depending on what you're looking for in a black eyeliner, you'll probably either love or hate this. This was not a true black, but instead looked almost like a really dark, almost black green, because it's jam packed with green shimmer. So, if you want something other than black this shade might interest you, but if you wanted a true black, this isn't it.

Champagne Shimmer - (from the Stargazer set) A light champagne gold shade with a metallic sheen.

What do you think of the Julep Maven December collection and holiday sets? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the up close swatches. I now without a doubt can skip this month.

    1. No problem, I will be skipping too, they were underwhelming :(

  2. Looks like I'll be skipping too :) much appreciated for the month of December!

  3. Definitely underwhelmed by the swatches. They could've hit December outta the ballpark by giving us colors/finishes that were new and exciting for the holidays but I think they dropped the ball with this December collection. And I've been begging Julep to give us more holographic polishes but not a dupe for Tin Man! There's soooo many colors they could've chosen for a holographic polish, why, why, why would they not give us different/more color choices?!?!

    1. Yeah that just baffled me. I heard someone talk about the holo before I saw it, and I got a little excited, then went to look, and I just couldn't believe it.

  4. LOVE Ruth, just wish i could get it separately and not have to buy another bottle of Padma to get it :(

  5. Thanks for the swatches! These look so boring. I was hoping for a bunch of glitters in holiday colors so these are really disappointing to me. The only one that really catches my eye is Everly, but I wonder how close to Martina it is.

    1. Martina is fine red glitter in a red base, Everly was definitely a mix of fine red glitter, with chunky red glitter in a clear base. Could be made opaque or used as a glitter topper.

  6. Oh! Thats a very disappointing holiday collection :(
    I was hopping some of the holiday kit shades would be available for the maven boxes...
    Do you know how Solei would compare to Natalia? I so wish I could pass on the box this month... I guess I will get the core box or something like that...

    1. I don't have Natalia so I can't directly compare, but to me Soleil looks like Zelda. Natalia looks too bronze to me, Soleil is more of a rose gold.

    2. Tks :)
      I also have a julep question that I can't find the answer anywhere... Do you know if the plie wand fits the mini julep polishes? I never bought any mini polished from then because I am too clumsy with tini polish bottles... But I am thinking if might be ok if the plie wand fits then... And I am eyeing some mini polishes kits from julep...
      Tks again! I just found your blog and I am loving it :)

    3. I just checked, and it does fit the mini bottles! And thanks for reading, I'm glad you like it :)

    4. Yay! Tks so much! I guess I will get some mini nail polish in this 40% off sale :)

  7. Ugh not loving this. And it's my birthday month too!

  8. Oh wow, I cannot believe how underwhelming this collection is! :( So disappointing too because I had finally reached 7,500 points and was planning on using them on the full upgrade of what I hoped would be an amazing collection. Guess I'll be saving my points and skipping. Maybe January will be better..

  9. This is the first month for me where I only took one or two polishes and ended up being product heavy! Which gives me a nice excuse to try the mascara and the stargazer set (all the colors are GORGEOUS and for 19.99 your swatches sold me on it!!) :) Boo on the polish though it's definitely underwhelming!


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