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November 17, 2014

Mantry November 2014 Review

I have a new subscription box to review for you! Mantry delivers 6 full size artisan food and drink products every month, and it comes to your door in a decorative handmade wooden crate. It's $75/month, shipping is free, and I will have a $25 off link at the end of the review. Mantry is mostly geared towards men, but I think for any of the foodies in your life this would make a great gift, or for yourself if you love trying artisan food from around the country.

Mantry kindly sent me this month's box for review purposes.

Mantry is shipped via UPS on the 21st of every month if you are a subscriber, and it typically arrives within 2-6 business days. Mine arrived in 4 days, from Illinois to California.

How cool is this wooden crate? I have heard of many long time subscribers wanting to make something out of all their Mantry crates they have saved, and I think that would be such a fun project. Even if you only have a few of these, you could use them to store items or use them as gift boxes!

Here's what it looked like when I removed the lid, there's an info card right on top so you know what all of the products are. And everything was packed in really tight, and bubble wrapped, so nothing was damaged or broken when it arrived. I think the lid is also loosely stapled on, but mine had come undone, probably because the products were bursting out of the crate!

The info card for this month's Mantry, the theme this month was "Coffee and a Smoke". I love the high quality product shots and the extra information about each product, and where it comes from. I was so excited for this theme! B and I love espresso and coffee, and who doesn't love smoked foods?

Southern Soul Barbecue Sweet Georgia Soul - ($6.42)

The info card says this is supposed to be the hot version, but that's ok, I love all bbq sauces! I've never had a chance to try real barbecue in the South, but this sauce is a great way to bring a little of that magic into your kitchen, and have some delicious barbecue right at home. But I think this would be amazing on a rack of ribs, or generously applied to a pulled pork sandwich. I'm getting hungry already!

La Quercia Smoky Borsellino - ($12)

I've seen a lot of the previous Mantry crates, and I was so hoping there would be some type of salami in mine. My wish has been granted! I paired slices of this with some cheese, and it was delicious. The caraway gave it a unique flavor that I don't think I've tried before with other salamis. I'm always a fan of salami and other cured meats as a snack, so this would be great to take on a picnic, or laid out for a house party.

Lark Fine Foods Espresso Chip Shortbread - ($6)

This is the perfect item in this box for B, he loves espresso, chocolate, and shortbread. These are great, not too sweet, just the right amount of crunch, and would be perfect dipped in your coffee made with the coffee syrup. And I love that they're big enough for you to be satisfied with one or two as a snack.

Olive & Sinclair Buttermilk White Coffee Chocolate - ($6.99)

I don't see this exact product on Olive & Sinclair's website, but this was good. A little too sweet for my taste as white chocolate is probably my least favorite, but the coffee gave it a unique crunch, and the buttermilk was a unique flavor in chocolate I've never tried before.

Granola Jones Mocha Hazelnut - ($6.99)

The info card suggests pairing this with yogurt, sliced banana, and a drizzle of the Dave's Coffee Syrup, also from this box. Trying this on it's own it's salty, sweet, crunchy, and the hazelnuts add a nice nutty flavor. It's great as a snack on it's own, and would make a nice addition to your breakfast in the morning.

Dave's Coffee has all kinds of recipes on their site for uses with this cold brewed coffee syrup, everything from ice coffee drinks, savory main dishes, to desserts, and they all look amazing! I tried just the Classic Rhode Island Coffee Milk recipe, with milk, ice, and the coffee syrup, and it's really good...I will probably be buying more of this syrup when I run out. It is pretty sweet though, so if you don't like sugar in your coffee this may not be for you, but I love it. I'm curious to try the other flavors.

Overall, this month's Mantry had a total value of about $50, and if you include the price of the crate and shipping, I think this box is more than worth it. Plus, Mantry is about discovery, I never would have known about the Dave's Coffee Syrup, but I am so glad I do now. I plan on buying some every once in a while now. B can't wait to try everything in this box, this one is just the perfect box for him.

Mantry is a great chance to try gourmet foods from across the country that you probably have never heard of. The presentation of everything in the wooden crate will make it feel very fancy and make a great present to yourself, or a man in your life. I think a subscription to Mantry would also make a great Christmas gift for the holidays!

What did you think of this month's Mantry? Let me know in the comments!

Mantry is normally $75/month, but if you use my link, you can save $25 off your first month with a subscription! Have 6 gourmet food items delivered to you each month for your tasting enjoyment.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links! I received these products complimentary for review purposes. This is my honest review.

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