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December 22, 2014

Indie Christmas Week: Book of Shadows (anothersoul) Palette Review

Once again, I have quite a few Christmas themed collections to review, and what better way to get through them all than with Indie Christmas Week! Book of Shadows (anothersoul) is a great place to get a palette as a gift, or for yourself to fit all your indies in you got for the holidays! I think these would make a great gift, you could press shadows from your friend's favorite fandoms for her, or make a travel palette for someone who travels a lot.

AboutBook of Shadows is an Etsy store that specializes in handmade palettes to put your own pressed shadows and pigments into for travel or for at home. Each palette pattern is either completely unique, or only a few are made of each pattern. The palettes can be used for shadows or blushes you pressed into pans yourself, or for removing the pans from your other palettes, and putting them all in one place.

Shipping - I made two orders for all of these palettes, and each one shipped quickly after order. The first order shipped 3 days after I ordered via USPS 2-Day Priority, and arrived 3 days later from New Jersey to California. The second order shipped 2 days after I ordered via USPS 2-Day Priority and arrived 2 days later from New Jersey to California.

Product SizeBook of Shadows carries four different sizes of palettes which come in many different designs and variations. There is the smallest double sided travel size which accommodates 12 26mm round pans, even though the site only says it fits 10, you can squeeze another one on each side. The original size accommodates 9 37mm pans (Sugarpill uses this size), or 20 26mm round pans, or 60 15mm round pans. There are more ideas for what each palette accommodates on the Policy page. And I did not order the pro or luxe size palette, so I don't know what those fit.

Free Samples - Obviously, there were no free samples included with my palettes.

Magnetic Makeup Palette Eye Shadow Eyeshadow Storage Organizer Water Resistant in Time Keeper

Travel Makeup Palette Double Sided Water Resistant in Time Keeper

I really like intricate black and white designs so this palette fulfills that criteria. And I thought it would be nice to get the matching travel palette as well.

You can see how many 15mm pans fit in the regular size palettes. The ones on the left are 15mm round pans, and the ones on the right are the 26mm round pans. If you use only 15mm round pans, you can fit 60 of them in the regular size palettes.

And this is the double sided travel palette. 15mm round pans on the left side, and 26mm round pans on the right side. The travel palettes are only supposed to fit 5 26mm round pans on each side, but if you squeeze the last one into the foam a little, you can fit 6 in there just barely.

Mystery Mini Travel Makeup Palette Double Sided Water Resistant

Occasionally, Book of Shadows offers a mystery palette listing that's a little cheaper than the normal listings where you know what you're going to get. I wanted to try and get one of the double sided travel mystery palette listings just to see what I'd get. This one will probably be a gift to my mom and I'll fill it for her after Christmas.

Here's a close up of the mystery travel palette I received. It's hard to see, but the paper itself looks like it's raised a tiny bit, or stitched, or something. It's very high quality, and looks very premium.

Makeup Palette Magnetic Empty Eye Shadow Storage in Rock Star

I really liked the colors on the outside of this palette in the design, but I didn't like the inside as much. I was originally planning on this one being a gift, but decided on another gift instead, so I'm keeping this one for myself.

Here's the inside look at the Rock Star palette design. It's a great one for any music lover.

Here's the inside of the regular palette with 26mm round pans mostly. You can also fit a few 15mm round pans in there as well. You can fit 20 26mm round pans in the regular palette total. And the shadows in the pans were just some toss-aways I had I used for pressing practice.

Custom Magnetic Makeup Palette Eye Shadow Case Empty Storage in Live Laugh Love

This was originally going to be a gift, until I decided to keep it for myself! Hopefully with all the palettes I got, I'll have plenty of space to press lots of my shadows.

Here's the inside paper of the Live Laugh Love palette.

Mystery Makeup Palette

This was the other mystery palette I got, and I don't really care for the design. I might put some makeup stickers or something over it to decorate it.

Here's the inside of the mystery palette, it's hard to tell from the photo, but the pattern part is glossy and raised a little bit.

Overall, I love the quality of these patterns, and most of the designs I got. There are really only two places I know of to get indie handmade palettes like these with different designs on them, and I think Book of Shadows has more selection, better designs and patterns, they offer more palette sizes, and they are reasonably priced. Most double sided travel palettes are $13, and most of the regular palettes are about $15-17 a piece. They also offer the pro size which is $25, and the luxe size is $43. The quality of these palettes is very good, you can see they were very carefully and precisely made. And some of the palettes are water resistant as well, so if you're constantly doing your makeup next to the sink, the water resistant palettes might be a good option for you. Now, I just need to get the hang of pressing my shadows!

Customer Service - I did not have to contact Book of Shadows for any problems regarding my orders.

Availability - Only a few of these patterns I purchased are still available, but because of the uniqueness of the designs, many times the one you purchase will not be available again. But there's always a ton of selection to choose from, something for everyone.

Overall Satisfaction - I really like these palettes, my favorite design being Time Keeper. If I run out of room in the ones I purchased, I will definitely buy more from Book of Shadows.

What did you think of Book of Shadows' handmade palettes? Let me know in the comments!

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