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December 25, 2014

Indie Christmas Week: Darling Girl Cosmetics The Darling Whos Collection Review

Merry Christmas! I hope you all that celebrate are having a nice day with friends or family. I'm spending most of the day with my parents, cooking dinner, and hanging out with B. It seemed like the perfect day to review Darling Girl CosmeticsThe Darling Whos Collection! It's inspired by the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and the Whos.

AboutDarling Girl Cosmetics is an indie cosmetics company, owned by Susan, who specializes in some fandom eyeshadow collections, blush, glitter, bases and primers, and lip products. They currently have collections inspired by My Little Pony, Orange is the New Black, Big Bang Theory, Hunger Games, Ghostbusters, and many more.

Do you like my attempt to be festive, and arrange the jars into a Christmas tree shape? Haha, it doesn't really look like it at all...

Shipping - This order shipped 20 days after I ordered, and arrived in 2 days via USPS from Texas to California. Darling Girl does tend to have a long turnaround time, so be sure to check that before you order if you're impatient.

Product Size - This set is available as a petit set or full size set. Sample sizes are not offered for any of these shades. You can also purchase the label art separately for $0.10 each label if you want the labels for petit jars, which is what I did, since they do not come with them on their own. There are also two liquid stardusts that are part of this collection, which I unfortunately did not purchase, so I don't have swatches for those products.

Free Samples - I ordered this set a while ago, so I don't quite remember what free samples I received, but it was definitely at least one or two free sample bags.

All swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Aranza Zazu Who - "Aranza-Zazu Who, can we describe her to you? She’s blackened gold, and antiquey too! Do we think she is gorgeous? OF COURSE THAT WE DO!"

Olive green! This is definitely more of an olive green shadow than a blackened gold, but I really like it. Olive green shadows and reds are my favorite, which is a perfect combination for Christmas. In the jar, I wasn't sure how the shadow would turn out swatched, but it's a beautiful olive green with a bit of a golden sheen.

Chelsie-Roo Who - "The next who on our nice list, is a bright one for sure! It's Chelsie-Roo Who, vibrant fuchsia so pure! With flashes of silvery green it does show, it's fun and it's cheery, when playing in snow!"

This shade was kind of a fuchsia pink purple with a blue sheen. I think it would look great with Niecy-Woo Who or Darling-Sue Who.

Cupcake-Woo Who - "I smell something baking, must be Cupcake-Woo Who! A royal ka-bluey! Stuffed with shimmering blue! A cold winters color, a frozen delight! Perfect for cuddling on a sleigh in the night."

From the look of the shadow in the jar, I imagined this would look like more of a royal blue/violet shade, but it turns into a beautiful metallic true blue. You can really tell I don't look at the website swatches after I order huh? I sort of forget what the shadows are supposed to look like, but then it means I get to be surprised when I swatch them! This one was a little sheer in parts, but it's such a dark color you can hardly tell.

Darling-Sue Who - "And here we have the sweetest Darling Sue Who, who makes pretty things for our things too! A cranberry pink, that sparkles with shifts to the left with golden green hints of burple."

I could definitely see the golden green shift, and the base shade is sort of a muted cranberry shade. It leans more pink than red I think. Lots of sparkles in this one too.

Emma-Loo Who - "Oh goodness! Oh me! Oh My! Here's Emma-Loo! A sweetie and softie, a snowly little Who! She glistens with a pale mauve with a sheen, of blues and turquoisey, beautiful green!"

This shade reminds me of freshly fallen snow that sparkles in the sunlight. I didn't see all the blue and green sheen the description says this shade has, but it's definitely a beautiful white shade that would work well as a highlight.

Jaycee-Boo Who - "And coming this way is Jaycee-Boo Who! It's silver, and golden and taupey too?! Can you believe such a complex thing you have seen? A neutral but tricky, and can't be unseen! It's so sparkly, and fantastic, and magnabulously who-riffic! You won't find another Who quite like it, It's just that terrific!"

This shade was a light taupe brown with a golden sheen, and silver sparkles. In some lights, the sheen also looks a bit pink/red, so it's a very pretty neutral shade. Also really pigmented, I barely needed any and I still had too much shadow for my swatch.

Lefty-Loo Who - "Its Christmasy time downtown here in who-ville, I'm Lefty-Loo Who, here to give you a thrill! See this color is piney just like your Christmasy tree! try it, you'll love it, you'll love it you see!"

I would describe this as more of a dark mint green, with a silvery sheen and sparkles. I always love darker green shades, mostly because I like dark eyeshadow colors, but I don't ever know what to do with mint greens or lighter greens. Maybe just paired with Niecy-Woo Who for a Christmas themed look.

Niecy-Woo Who - "Hi Niecy-Woo Who! You look so merry in berry! A rich burgundy that sheens with violet how contrary! I think this rich color is quite festive! And on top of your eyes it looks quite impressive!"

This is a dark berry/burgundy shade, with silver sparkles. It was a little patchy during application, but I think that could be helped with a more even primer application than I did. I was hoping this would be a little more metallic than matte, but possibly over a sticky base it would really shine.

Sammy-Sue Who - "Sammi-Sue Who, a rather silly girl. This Who wears royal purple with a goldeny swirl! Just look at that shimmer! Look at it GO! Wear it at home or go out to the show!"

This shadow is a muted royal purple with a golden overlay. This was another shade that was super pigmented and I actually used almost too much for the swatch. Which is a nice problem to have, less is more for these shadows!

Tati-Too Who - "The holidays come but just once a year! But do not who-fret and do not who-fear! Tati-Too Who is the Who with the coppery glow, to see her sparkle is an incredulous show! These Who's know their pretties, they honestly do! You must try this one out with darling glitter glue!"

I admit, I saw this in the jar and was crossing my fingers this would not just be a dark orange shade. It's definitely not, it's a beautiful coppery metallic shade with a reddish copper glow and lots of sparkle. I don't own the Darling Girl Glitter Glue yet, but I'll have to try this over a sticky base of some kind, I bet it would just be stunning. This is one shade that would look awesome with any of the other colors in the collection, probably one of my favorites.

Overall, I was surprised by how much I ended up liking the colors in this collection. The shades are festive, and definitely fit the season, but would also work well any time of year. Many of them would work well paired together, and there's also a highlight shade. I think my favorites were Aranza Zazu Who, Niecy-Woo Who, and Tati-Too Who. Tati-Too Who is probably the one shade that would appeal to almost everyone, and also pair well with everything else in the collection. The shadows themselves were all very pigmented, and I really enjoy the formula for them, very buttery and smooth. My one complaint about this collection, is I will never remember the names of the shadows, they are all too similar.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact Darling Girl Cosmetics about any problems with my order. While Darling Girl does tend to have a long turnaround time, it's now one of the few companies I've ordered from multiple times with no issues with my orders.

Availability - This collection is permanent, and will be available year round.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite shades were Aranza Zazu Who, Niecy-Woo Who, and Tati-Too Who. I like the Darling Girl formula enough to order again, despite the longer turnaround time. But, I won't order as frequently as I would compared to other companies with shorter turnaround times.

What did you think of the Darling Girl The Darling Whos Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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