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December 31, 2014

Indie Subscription: Notoriously Morbid December 2014 Vanishing Cabinet Review

I am no longer purchasing from or recommending Notoriously Morbid.

Notoriously Morbid has a monthly subscription, called the Vanishing Cabinet, that's usually inspired by something fandom related each month, and this month's theme is Merry Monsters! It's inspired by the classic horror movie villains. Each person's subscription this month came in a unique stocking!

About - Notoriously Morbid is an indie cosmetics company owned by Carrie, and they specialize in fandom collections, with eyeshadows, lip products and lip balms, blushes, and they also have a subscription called the Vanishing Cabinet. The fandom inspired collections they currently have include, Supernatural, Twin Peaks, Buffy, Doctor Who, and various others.

Shipping - This month's Vanishing Cabinet shipped on the 18th, and arrived a little later than usual due to the holidays. It was delivered 6 days later via USPS from West Virginia to California.

Product Size - All of the products this month were minis, including the eyeshadows, blush, and lip gloss.

Free Samples - There was not a free sample sneak peek at next month's theme and products this month like there usually is.

Choo-Choo for Chucky -

This shade is kind of a light salmon pink, with a silvery blue-ish sheen. It's nice, but not too exciting for me. I think it would work well as a transition shade or even as an all over shadow.

Fringe Coat for Freddy -

This is a medium to dark warm reddish brown with gold duochrome and green and gold sparks. It's very pretty as a neutral shadow, and I think would work well as a crease shade with any of the others this month.

Jammies for Jason -

This shade is kind of a steely blue/green gray with gold sparkles and a slight gold sheen. Out of all the shadows this month, this one was one of the most opaque shades.

Lipgloss for Leatherface -

I was really surprised by the difference of how this lip gloss looks in the tube compared to on the lips. It is a beautiful shade, I really liked the color once it was on. Kind of a reddish brown shade, it covered the lips well, and wasn't too streaky.

Mittens for Michael -

This shadow was a lavender purple with a silvery blue sheen, and silver sparkles. I had some issues getting this one perfectly opaque, but packed on it is very pretty.

Rouge for Regan -

This blush is a matte purple pink shade, with no sparkles or anything. I really liked it, I had imagined it being more reddish from other swatches I had seen. But I like the look it gave in my swatch.

Overall, I thought this month's products would pair well together, and I liked most of the shades. I don't like horror movies, so I didn't really have a connection to the theme this month. But some of the shades looked similar to shades last month. My favorite shades were Fringe Coat for Freddy, Jammies for Jason, and Lipgloss for Leatherface. I did like the inclusion of a blush and a lip gloss, as I always like to try and pair everything from an indie subscription together. Having a blush and a lip gloss makes it a little easier to wear as much as you can at once. And I already have a lot of sparkly shimmery blushes, so it's always nice to get one that's matte.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service about any problems with my subscription this month.

Availability - This month's Vanishing Cabinet and products are no longer available, but you might still be able to subscribe in time for next month by emailing Notoriously Morbid to get on the waitlist.

Overall SatisfactionMy favorite shades were Fringe Coat for Freddy, Jammies for Jason, and Lipgloss for Leatherface. This wasn't my favorite month, but I'm already looking forward to January's Vanishing Cabinet.

What did you think of the Notoriously Morbid December Vanishing Cabinet? Let me know in the comments!

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