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December 14, 2014

Indie Weekends: My Pretty Zombie Injurious Collection Review

My Pretty Zombie introduced the Injurious Collection on Thanksgiving with a generous discount code, and I knew it had to be my first My Pretty Zombie purchase. I originally found out about it when I was watching a Biohazardous Beauty video, because she was wearing one of the shades in the video. It was so stunning, I looked in the video info to find the shade, come to find the shade isn't available on the MPZ site, and then go digging around to find out anything I can about it. I found out it would be released on Thanksgiving! That was probably the first time something like that has ever happened, so it's safe to say I was pretty smitten with the shadow. It was Trepanation by the way, the shadow she was wearing in the video.

My Pretty Zombie is an indie company known for their shocking eyeshadow colors and names, and their Drugs Like Me blushes. My Pretty Zombie is owned by Andrea, located in California, and Tori from Biohazardous Beauty does all the eye swatches for the site.

Shipping - My order shipped 5 days after I ordered, and arrived via USPS in 3 days from within California.

Product Size - Full size eyeshadows come in square 5g jars without a sifter. Sample sizes are 1/4 teaspoon in a baggie. One thing about these square jars, they are messy as hell. I got shadow all over the place trying to carefully take off the shrink wrap, which already had shadow underneath, and then open the jars. You can see it in the product photos.

Free Samples - I received 3 free sample bags with my order.

I tacked on a few other shades to my order, so I will be swatching those as well. I ordered the Injurious Collection, as well as a few shades I had my eye on as a "you pick 3" set (Brisket, Anthrax, Tenderloin), and Katrink. All swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, unless otherwise noted.

Injurious Collection:

These three shadows in this collection are named for really disgusting injuries! I would not recommend doing an image search for them, I read the descriptions and was pretty grossed out.

Avulsion - "Sunset orange pink."

The descriptions for a lot of these shadows are really the most basic descriptions you can get, they don't do the shadows justice. This was more like a sunset orange with pink shift. Most of the photos I took that showed off the pink shift the most, were the ones that were a little blurred. I can imagine this being a really great transition shade blended out.

Enucleate - "Ocean teal blue."

Teal blue with a strong bluish green shift. This is a really great mermaid kind of color and it would be great all over the lid, or as an eyeliner. For some reason I always want to make shimmery blue shades into eyeliners. But it would also look great smudged on the lower lash line as an accent color.

Trepanation - "Taupe with green shift."

This was the shade in the video that looked so incredible! You don't even need a glitter glue type product with this the shift is so prominent. I can't wait to just use this as a one color look and rock the crazy green shift. But I think it would also look great in the crease and outer v. Such a fun take on a regular neutral shade.

The whole collection, all together! I had an idea for a look combining all three shades, but got lazy and didn't want to do my makeup! But, I was going to try Enucleate all over the lid, Trepanation in the crease, and Avulsion above the crease as the transition shade. But I bet Trepanation all over lid, Avulsion in the crease, and Enucleate wet as an eyeliner would also be pretty. I can think of so many looks combining all these colors together. That's one nice thing about a small 3 shadow collection, is you can wear them all together fairly easily.

Bonus Swatches:

Looking at these now, and I realized how much purple I ordered! I was trying to find shades that I didn't have on my Secret Santa wishlist, but also it was late at night when I was ordering I think. It may have contributed to a bit of a purple eyeshadow excess, but is there really such a thing? Hopefully, if I complete the collections for these shades down the road, I can do a full review of their respective collections.

Anthrax - "Purple to green with a gold to red shift."

This was one shade I noticed some of the pigment wasn't quite mixed together all the way. There were little clumps of red and blue pigment. Once I finished the swatch though you could hardly tell. I thought this was more of a purple with a green shift, I didn't see much gold or red.

Brisket - "Copper with a red to gold shift."

I about fell dead out of my chair when I saw this on, it's incredible! You can hardly see any of the red base, just a copper gold shift over a reddish orange base. This would be a fun sunset color to do an eye look with. Just so beautiful. And again, this would make a beautiful eyeliner for the holidays paired with a green or olive green shadow.

Katrink - "Burgundy purple with piles of multicolored pink glitter."

I was so surprised swatching this because I had no idea how big the glitter was in this one. The website swatch doesn't really capture it, but it's got big rainbow glitter in it! It did make application a little patchy, but pat this on over some glitter glue and I think you'd have a great look.

Tenderloin - "Red plum with blue shimmer."

Oooh I like this one, the description is actually pretty spot on for this. This one also had some pigment that wasn't quite blended in all the way. But I kind of like the look this gives where some parts are more red, some are more purple. It would look great blended out in the crease.

Overall, I really love the Injurious Collection and the other shadows I tried from My Pretty Zombie. My favorite shade from the collection was definitely Trepanation, I can't wait to really play with that shade. And my favorite from the bonus shadows I purchased was definitely Brisket, which was surprising to me considering how many purple shades I bought! I do not love the full size jars the shadows come in though, they are very messy. I would recommend putting the shadow in your own jars that you like better if you have them, or getting samples. Which is weird to recommend, but I bet it would be less messy honestly. And some of the jars were hard to open. But the shadows inside are just beautiful! I love how many crazy bright colors they have, I know I'm going to be needing a few of the shades from the red category.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact My Pretty Zombie with any problems with my order.

Availability - As far as I know, My Pretty Zombie doesn't do any limited edition products or sets, so all of these shades I reviewed are available for purchase in their collections, or separately in the "you pick" sets.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite colors were Trepanation and Brisket. I do not like the packaging for the full size shadows. But I loved the product itself, so I will definitely be purchasing again from My Pretty Zombie.

What did you think of the My Pretty Zombie Injurious Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Yeah, I am obsessed with Brisket. It's insanely gorgeous!

  2. I got this set too! I can't wait to use it.

  3. Gorgeous colours and I love the names/concepts behind them!

  4. Totally ordered Trepanation after seeing that same video haha! It is so pretty!!!


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