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December 17, 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have December 2014 Review

For some reason this month's POPSUGAR Must Have box seems like it's arriving kind of late? I don't know, it just seems like the spoilers happened so long ago for it, and then mine shipped later that other people' might all be in my imagination. But! I am happy to report I was excited for this one to finally arrive, since it had some great items in it this month!

This box shipped via FedEx, and was delivered by USPS in 3 days from within California. I guess it seemed longer because last month I got my tracking number when it was already almost here, and this month they printed a shipping label, sent me tracking, and then it sat for a few days before FedEx picked it up.

Subtle Luxury Spun Scarf Speckled Metallic Sparkle Scarf in Light Grey - ($62)

I love the pattern and texture of this scarf, I will definitely be wearing this on the weekend and next week for the holidays. And it matches the necklace we got in the box as well. I really like the plethora of scarves we've received recently, but 2 in the last four months seems like a lot.

Sparkle Pop Sydney Pendant Necklace - ($42)

I like silver jewelry better than gold, because my skin is cool toned, but this is pretty. It's really long, so I will probably double up the chain. It's a nice staple piece that looks nice for the holidays, so I can appreciate that.

Canvas Home Dauville Platinum Bowl - ($29)

I think this is a cute bowl, it would be nice to put candy or nuts in for holiday parties or guests. It's fairly small, so it won't fit a lot, but it is a nice decorative piece.

Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer - ($24)

I'm glad we got a lip product in a really dark color, and I can't wait to try the longevity of it to see if it lasts all day. I haven't really tried many products from Smashbox, so I am looking forward to this lip lacquer.

Knot and Bow Red Parcel Gift Tags - ($4)

I was so excited we were getting gift tags, because I can never have too many gift tags around for the holidays. But, I wish these were a little more festive for the holidays, in red, green, silver, or gold, or something. But robin's egg blue is ok I guess. I'm sure I can find a use for them.

Williams Sonoma Cupcake Mix - ($15)

I would never buy a $15 cupcake mix, but I have heard good things about this mix, and hopefully I can get a chance to try it this weekend. Maybe B and I will break these out and scarf them down.

Overall, this month's box had a total value of $176, which is an incredible value! There were 3 big ticket items this month, and I think that's great, because not every item will be for everyone. Hopefully, everyone likes at least one of the big ticket items. I love the scarf, I can't wait to try the cupcakes and the lip lacquer, the necklace will look good with the scarf, the bowl is very decorative, and the gift tags can always be used. It was a pretty good box this month, a nice range of items.

What do you think of the December POPSUGAR Must Have box? Let me know in the comments!

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