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January 14, 2015

POPSUGAR Must Have January 2015 Review

My January POPSUGAR Must Have box finally arrived! I had kind of missed spoilers on this because I was busy dealing with customer service about some issues I was having with my account. But now that it's here, I'm pretty excited about quite a few items in the box this month!

POPSUGAR Must Have is shipped via FedEx and delivered by USPS. My box this month arrived in 4 days from within California.

Here's the info card for this month's box, and I was happy to see a return to a 7 item box, it's been a while since we had 7 items.

Jack + Lucy Pom Pom Hat - ($32)

I am pretty excited about this beanie, I haven't had a new beanie in years. I am lucky enough that beanies look good on me, I know there are some people who just don't like the way they look with hats on. Hopefully, it will snow more at Lake Tahoe and I can get a chance to go up there to wear this adorable hat!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - ($28)

This is a nice full size beauty item this month, I just don't know if I will use it though. I already have so much skincare in my stash, and this product will probably need to be given away. I might see if B is interested in it, or maybe his brother since it is fragrance free. But B doesn't have dry skin on his face, so maybe he'd be willing to use it on his hands or something.

KeepCup Brew 12 Ounce Reusable Coffee Cup - ($26)

This cup is so cute! I was really excited for this item when I saw the spoilers, I love coffee, and reusable mugs. This cup is short and small, but will fit 12 oz of liquid. It is glass though, so it has a nice little rubber protector for holding it. And the lid has a closing mechanism so you can move that over the opening so it doesn't spill. I like this little mug, I wish it wasn't pink, but I'll definitely be testing it out today to see how I like it.

Manduka eQua Hand Towel - ($16)

I absolutely love these kinds of super absorbent towels. I have two already that are kind of similar to this, and I use them for drying my hair after washing it. My hair is so long and absorbs so much water, that if I don't use a separate towel for it, it stays wet for a long time. I don't blow dry my hair, so towel dry is the best option for me, and super absorbent towels come in so handy for this!

ToGoSpa Eyes - ($12.50)

I wouldn't say my eyes get especially puffy or dark in the morning, but they could always use a little help. I wouldn't mind using these, I'll probably stick them with my other face masks and stuff, and break them out for certain days I want to look my best.

Skin Jewel Tattoos Empire - ($18)

This is the one item in the box that's a little strange to me. It's a cute idea, and the photos actually look better than I imagined, but this just seems like something for teens or younger women going to like an outdoor festival or something. It just seems like a product targeted for a certain age group, and for summer, so it seems out of place in the January box. It says these can be used for nail art as well, but I probably won't use them for that. Maybe if I remember I still have these during the summer I can break them out and try it.

General Mills Nature Valley Protein Granola - ($3.68)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a big bag of granola in a subscription box, especially one that's peanut butter and chocolate flavored. I tried it just out of the bag, and it's good, a little dry though. It will definitely be better on yogurt or oatmeal or something. I don't think we have any yogurt at the moment, so I'll have to get some to eat with this.

Overall, this month's POPSUGAR Must Have box had a total value of $136.18, which is a pretty high value and this box had 7 items which is always a bonus. I really liked the beanie, mug, granola, and towel, so 4 out of 7 items isn't bad. I thought the skin tattoos were really out of place for this box, they don't really seem like a winter item. And the cream and the under eye treatments I'm sure I can find a use for, or give away. Not a bad box this month!

What do you think of the January POPSUGAR Must Have box? Let me know in the comments!

If you still have not signed up for POPSUGAR Must Have box you can do so here. Their regular box is $39 a month, and includes food, lifestyle items, makeup, and fashion. Use coupon code REFER5 to save $5 off your box!

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