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February 23, 2015

Beauteque February 2015 Head To Toe Pink Bag Review

My Beauteque Head To Toe Pink Bag made it's way here, and I couldn't wait to check out what we got in this month's Head To Toe Bag! If you're unfamiliar with these bags, they are one-off themed bags that you can purchase whenever you want. Most of them before have been an ingredient theme, like milk or snail, but this bag's theme was pink! All of the products, and the bag itself were pink. Beauteque kindly sent me this bag for review purposes.

And here's the bag itself, it's actually more of a hot pink than shown in the photo, and it's got a cute strap and a design cut out.

And the info card. I find this to be a little more readable than the monthly Beauteque bags.

Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream in Rosehip - ($4)

I've actually used this product before in another scent, but basically you tear off the cover, break off the spoon handle and use it to blend together the product inside the spoon. Then you apply it to your face, wear overnight, and wash off in the morning. I found that it's a bit much for one use, so you may want to use half and seal it back up with some tape. It's definitely an interesting packaging concept for a sleeping mask. It moisturizes well, and it's enough product for two uses.

It's Skin Todak Todak Capsule Wash-Off Masks - ($5)

This is another product I already own, I have a full size tube of this wash off mask. I do like these little single use packs, which are also plenty of product for two or more uses. I like to use things I get duplicates of as gifts for friends, or for trades as extras, so I might use one of these for a gift.

Hada Senka by Shiseido Lotion - ($16)

You were either going to receive the lotion or the toner of this product. I remember when I originally picked my choices for this bag, there was to be a compact, but it appears that this was substituted in it's place. Which I actually don't mind, because Shiseido is a respected Japanese brand, and this lotion is very moisturizing. It made my skin feel silky smooth, and it has no fragrance.

Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer - ($11.50)

This highlighter was separated, so be sure to shake this up before you try to use it. It's a luminizer with a pink tint to it, and while I probably wouldn't use it as an all over luminizer on my face, I might actually like it as a cheek highlight. Or even as a brow highlight.

Tony Moly Auto Lip Liner in 02 - ($7.25)

I don't have many lip liners, and this is a nice shade. It's kind of like a mauve-y coral pink shade. I think this would work great with a few lipstick shades I have, and I like that you don't have to sharpen this liner. It just twists up.

Tony Moly Mascara - ($6.50)

I went to try to open this to test it out, and I cannot get it open. I might have to request B's help or this rubbery pad we have to open jars with to see if I can get it open (and yes, I took off the shrink wrap, it still won't open). I tend to prefer a drier mascara formula, so if this one is too wet, I might have to pass on it. Until I get it open though, I'll just stick this in my stash.

Blending Sponge - ($16)

It looks like this sponge came in two different shapes, I got the one that is cinched in the middle. I'm not really sure what that shape serves as in terms of use, but I'll probably use this. I have several other sponges that look very similar to this, you know, from that other big brand that makes blender sponges. I doubt this is really worth $16 though, that seems kind of high for a knock off blender sponge, since the original is $20.

Overall, this Head To Toe Pink Bag had a total value of $66.25 and I thought it was very cute! I like all of the products and I would use them all. I found some of the values to be kind of high on individual products, but all in all, this is a very adorable bag with a variety of products. I'm glad to see a good quality brand like Shiseido make an appearance, hopefully we see more from that brand in future bags. I'm not sure the sponge will live up to the hype of other brands, but I'll give it a shot. The spoon sleeping cream is a fun little product that will surely entertain anyone using it. The one thing I probably would have changed about this bag was the addition of two "one time use" products, and I say that in quotes because theoretically you can get more than one use out of the sleeping cream and the mask packs. However, they are meant to be used as such, and having two just feels a little skimpy. I know the mask pack comes in a full size tube, so it would have been nice to have that instead, along with the cute sleeping cream.

What did you think of the Beauteque Head To Toe Pink Bag? Let me know in the comments!

If you'd like to purchase the Beauteque Head To Toe Pink Bag, you can do so here!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links! I received these products complementary for review purposes. This is my honest review.

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