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February 9, 2015

January 2015 Favorites

I finally got to my January Favorites post! It was delayed a little because I wanted to film it as a YouTube video, which I've linked below, but then I went back and forth about whether or not to do a blog post too. I came to the conclusion that I should for anyone who doesn't like videos, and prefers a blog post format. Plus, you can get the close up photos for the products, and better formatted links for everything!

I have all 4 of the original flavors, Apples, Berries, Peaches, and Strawberries. And Notoriously Morbid just came out with a new flavor, Blood Orange, which I've already ordered! I just love these lip tints because they can give just a slight wash of color, or be built up if you keep applying. And they smell delicious, and are so moisturizing!

I've had this forever, and I've always liked Haus of Gloi's Pumpkin Butter formula, but this scent is my absolute favorite one I have. Well had, because I used it all! The lemon scent is tangy but sweet, and the honeysuckle doesn't really do much more than balance out the citrus. It's hard to pick out on it's own, but it's just such a lovely lemon scent. It's my favorite citrus scent I've ever tried, and the product itself is so moisturizing and not greasy at all. It sinks into your skin quickly, but leaves it feeling soft.

Darling Clandestine Don Gato Solid Perfume - 

I was already expecting to like this scent just because it's made by Darling Clandestine, which is one of my favorite perfumeries, but this perfume is just perfect at evoking the scent and feel it's supposed to give. It smells like a cat has been running around in tall grass and you then smell the scent of cat mixed with catnip, and green grass. It's so nostalgic and fresh. And I'll admit, solid perfumes are not my preferred perfume medium, but these are so easy to apply and don't feel like a burden to do so.

Hello Waffle Inu blush - 

Ahh my beloved Inu blush. I thought you weren't going to work on my skin tone, but you proved me oh so wrong. You give me the perfect peachy glow, without being orange. And I love your full size jar, you're just everything I wish all my other blushes were.

I was surprised that I liked this mask! It was a free throw-in item for one of my Memeboxes that was missing another item, and I actually liked it. It was definitely my favorite mask I used in January, which was surprising considering it's a gel mask, and I haven't been too fond of other gel masks I've used. But this one fit really well, clung to my skin, didn't drip all over the place, was soothing and calming to my skin, reduced redness, I didn't want to take it off. My only balk is at the price, which is $3 for one. But they do tend to offer packs of them for a discounted price.

I have been raving about this stuff ever since I first used it, who knew foiling your loose shadows was so awesome!? You basically mix a drop of this with the shadow you're using, and then apply it like you normally would over primer. It makes the sheen and duochrome of the shadows more prominent, but also prevents fall out since the shadow is now wet. It's easy to blend for a minute or so, but once it dries, it doesn't budge. I like to use it with an indie shadow for a one shadow look most often, but it also works well with other looks to showcase a certain shade you're wearing.

I've been using this cleanser as my morning cleanser in the shower, and I really like it. It smells like Fruit Loops to me, citrusy with a bit of powdery-ness to it. And it's got something in it, I think the French pink clay, that gives it a bit of exfoliation. Black Violet also offers the buff version, which is made to be exfoliating, but the regular one does as well. It's just a bit of grittiness that I actually enjoy.

Life's Entropy Cosmos Lipsticks - *No longer available*

I wore these lipsticks basically the whole month of January, as I was testing them for my review. But they are just some of my favorite lipsticks I own, extremely creamy, non-drying, satin lipsticks that last all day. I could drink all night for New Years Eve, and the lipstick still looked flawless. I even ate a burrito with this lipstick on, and it still lasted pretty well. And I love the colors too, such staple shades for anyone's lipstick collection.

Indie Storage Trays - 

I had a friend show me these trays she got for her indie cosmetics, and I loved them so much I bought them in bulk! Literally in bulk, they had packs of 6 on Amazon for fairly cheap for each one, and I bought two different sizes. I found a few other trays from Target and an ammo case for my perfume, which can also be found on Amazon. And there are a bunch of photos of my entire indie collection, so there you go...

  • Green trays - I found these at Target, and they're made by Snapware, but I can't find these online anywhere. They were a pack of 3, and may be available in some Targets, but just not online. They don't sit flush with the top of the larger trays though, so it's hard to stack the trays with these in it.

  • Smaller trays - I use these smaller trays for brands I have less of. You can stack 3 of them on top of the larger trays. They're also good for samples as well.

  • Larger trays - These large trays I use for brands I have a lot of, like Shiro, Hello Waffle, and Glamour Doll Eyes. The downside to storing your jars vertically like I have here is that if the tray is not full, your shadows will roll around. I am thinking of somehow adding dividers, or smaller trays within these for further organization.

Here's a look at just how much you can fit in these large trays.

  • Ammo case - This little blue case fits 100 1ml perfume vials. I don't quite have this one filled yet, but if you have a smallish perfume collection, it's a great storage option. You can also get it in colors that are opaque so they stay out of direct light.

  • Bath and body tray - This bigger tray has a built in divider, so I'm using it to divide up my indie soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs. You can stack 2 oz jars two high in this tray easily, but be aware that this one is not made to stack. It doesn't lock in with the large trays on top of it, they're not the same dimensions.

And here's a look at all of the storage, along with my entire indie collection! My eventual plan is to move these trays into Ikea furniture, but for now they are just stacked in my room. You could also build a drawer system to slide these into I think, just add some felt to the feet to help them slide. That's why I originally chose these trays, because they're the only thing I've found that's a tray, but also tall enough to accommodate the jars vertically. Most drawer systems drawers are not tall enough to fit the jars in any other way but horizontally, which is not the most space efficient if you have a big collection.

What were your January favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Here's my January 2015 Favorites video!

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  1. Wow!!! I LOVE your collection!!! To be honest your post's got me into the indie world!! Love your blog :)

    1. Oh thank you! I'm glad you're discovering new things :D


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