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February 9, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Has Come Collection Review

I haven't been buying as much Fortune Cookie Soap as I used to, but that's because I've discovered all kinds of other indie shops. But I just could not resist getting the entire Winter Has Come Collection, because I love Game of Thrones! I was under the assumption they were never going to do a Game of Thrones collection, but I guess they finally watched the show, and came up with this giant behemoth collection, of 18 products. If you ordered the whole set, it came with a special bonus Oathkeeper bath fizzy.

AboutFortune Cookie Soap is a bath and body shop, owned by Shannon and Justin, a wife and husband duo. They've done quite a bit of expanding in the past year, and have a quarterly subscription box, quarterly seasonal releases, quite a few limited edition collections, and they also have a Create Your Own, where you get to decide on the scent for products. They specialize in their namesake product, the fortune cookie soap, as well as, bath bombs, body butter, scrubs, hair oils, wax tarts, and all kinds of other bath and body products.

Shipping - I made my order as soon as the products went up, and it shipped the next business day. It was shipped via FedEx and arrived in 3 days from Oklahoma to California.

Product Size - There are a lot of product sizes for this whole collection, so I'll just include the amount next to each product.

Free Samples - It's sort of hit or miss for me whether or not I receive a free sample. It used to always be a bath bomb sample, but for this order I received

Hodor Hodor Hodor Steam Me Up Scotty - (3 each) "This earthy blend of bright bergamot and fresh tomato has a quiet innocence just like the gentle giant himself."

This was one of my favorite scents from the collection, and I loved the Shower Steamer as well. Their Shower Steamers have been known for not being really scented while they are going in the shower, but I found this one to have a pleasant enough amount of scent to it. I love how fresh it smells. It definitely reminds me of the scent of tomato vines, so it's a very green smelling product. And you do get 3 steamers, but I wanted to use one immediately, so I didn't have the third one for my photo!

Iron Islands OCD Hand Sanitizer - (1 oz) "Tender notes of water lily and apple blossom dance on top of fresh waters, ozone, and salty sea spray, rounded out by notes of sweet sun-weathered sandalwood with soft bergamot."

I found this product to smell really beachy, and like coconut. Once it's on the skin, I get more of an ocean scent with a bit of fruitiness. Very fresh, it's a great scent for hand sanitizer. It does have some small glitter in it though, that I could see on my hands after using it. It wasn't much, but I wish it just wasn't there at all.

*Spoiler Product - do not click if you are not caught up on Game of Thrones*

This smells minty and fruity, I can definitely get the peppermint and strawberry, which I wouldn't imagine would be a good combination, but it smells delicious! Just decadent, and I love how this bath truffle looks too.

Keep It In The Family Perfume Oil - (1 dram) "A stunning bouquet of sensual burgundy roses, carnations, and white florals with nuances of burgundy wine, sandalwood, and a hint of musk."

This perfume had incredible staying power, it lasted all day, had great sillage, and it was a very nice mature floral. Not old lady, but definitely not for young girls either. In the vial, it just smells like roses, but once it's on your skin you start to get the other notes. If you don't like florals or roses, this will not be for you, but I would say it is one of the better rose perfumes I've smelled.

Kingslayer Bar Soap - "A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with warm bayberry, pine, sweet citrus and a touch of fresh green grass."

After reading the notes, I can start to pick out some of them, but overall this still just smells like a generic men's soap. It's definitely masculine smelling, and a little spicy. Not my favorite, but I do love the design they did for it, it's really stunning.

Moon Door Pillow & Linen Spray - "Refined lavender and heavenly hydrangea with hints of juicy pear."

I used this on my pillow before bed one night, and it smells amazing! Definitely a lavender scent, so if you don't like lavender you won't enjoy this. But it was calming and soothing, and I thought the scent lasted a really long time. I could still smell it by morning. I would recommend this product if you like calming scents for linens or your pillow before bed. I will most certainly be using this all around the house.

Mother of Dragons Whipped Cream - (4 oz) "Creamy french vanilla soy milk, sweet florals, and a nutty almond base.

I really love the scent of this whipped cream, it's a soft floral with a subtle milky note to it. It reminds me of a CYO whipped cream I have which smells like jasmine, so I imagine there's some jasmine in this. And it's a fun touch that the product itself is a pastel orange shade!

Needle Sugar Scrub - (4 oz) "Herbaceous cilantro, tart lemons, and lush green base notes of fresh grass and green tea leaves."

This definitely smells fresh, green, and citrusy, it reminds me of a Bath and Body Works soap we like to get for the kitchen. Very lovely scent, I really like this one.

No Middle Ground Hydrate Me - "A distinctive blend of bergamot, intoxicating gardenia, fresh eucalyptus leaves and lavender flowers wrapped in neroli, and tea leaves."

This might be one of my least favorite scents and products in this collection. Don't get me wrong, I like their Hydrate Mes. They are great at moisturizing and the scent lasts all day. But there is so much mica on this, and I don't love the scent, that this might be a product that has to go. I definitely smell tea, lavender, and the bergamot, but it comes together into a soapy scent that I don't care for. Maybe I can possibly wash off the mica before I use it, we'll see.

Oathkeeper Bath Fizzy - 

This scent they haven't announced for made public, so I don't know for sure what the notes are supposed to be. But this smells fresh and clean. It's kind of metallic as well. It does have glitter all over it, so be aware of that. The scent is quite strong though, I'd probably only use half of this at a time.

Red Woman Fortune Cookie Soap - "Sensual amber, sparkling citrus, and rich sandalwood blended with cool waters and hints of patchouli."

I get a little bit of all the notes, a bit of amber, citrus, sandalwood, and the water, but it's not my favorite. I would say overall, it's a fresh scent, with maybe a little citrus. I am a little disappointed because mine didn't have a fortune in it!

Take The Black Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Bar - "A blend of leather and amber as dead-sexy as Jon Snow himself."

I mentioned in my first impressions video that some people thought this product was small, and I didn't notice it being small. Well I realized, it's because the shampoo bars are bigger than the conditioner bars, and this combo bar is the size of a conditioner bar. I get that there's more work involved with this, but it's more expensive than the shampoo bars, which are bigger. It smells ok, not the best leather or amber note I've smelled, but it's not bad. It's definitely a masculine scent, and just a note, mine did oxidize a little. You can see it's a little brown, which is nothing to worry about, it's just the vanilla in the fragrance changing colors. It doesn't mean it's gone bad or anything like that.

The Hound Wax Tart - (2 oz) "This exotic earthy fragrance combines top notes of tarragon, vanilla bean, and sandalwood with honey, caramel, amber and a beautiful woody musk with subtle hints of patchouli."

This might be one of my favorite scents in this collection, I'd love to get this as a CYO perfume. I get the vanilla, amber, patchouli, and maybe a bit of caramel. It's just lovely, I can't wait to throw this in the wax warmer.

The Imp Mist Me - (6.8 oz) "A rich blend of fresh black cherries, white wine, mahogany and teak woods, and a spicy note of freshly grated black pepper."

You definitely get the black cherry immediately, it's very fruity. I also get the wine note, but once it's been sprayed I don't get much of the scent. I had someone else smell it and they said it smelled like cherry cough syrup, and now I can't un-smell that every time I use it.

Valyrian Steel Body Wash - (9.2 oz) "A blend of Italian bergamot, yuzu, fresh Meyer lemon and verbena perfectly blended with notes of olive leaf and sweet florals, finished with faint notes of patchouli, white musk, and cedar wood."

It's definitely fresh and citrusy, with a bit of the deeper notes at the end. I really like this scent as well, it's going in the shower immediately.

Whitewalker Lip Scrub - (.8 oz) "Mmmmm... tingly mint!"

I have never used their lip scrubs before, but everyone said they were so good tasting that they would eat them off their lips. Well, I tried this and I have to agree! This one is like a sweet dessert mint flavor, and it's packed with so much sugar that it was really exfoliating. Most lip scrubs I've tried were not good tasting so I didn't want to use them, but this one is delicious! I highly recommend this product.

You Know Nothing Bath Powder - (10 oz) "Warm bonfires at dusk, wind-blown leaves, charred pine and cedar accented with roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, and a hint of fresh earth."

I definitely get the burning notes and cedar, right up front. There's a hint of the brown sugar and earth, but I don't smell the marshmallows. It's very earthy and reminds me of a fall scent. It's definitely like a candle I've smelled at Bath and Body Works before.

Unsullied Shower Oil - (6.8 oz) "A warm arid blend of patchouli, sandalwood, and citrus with juicy notes of white peach and red mango."

I get a bit of fruitiness, and a bit of the patchouli and sandalwood. They balance each other out nicely, and it doesn't lean too much any way in terms of seasonality of the scent, I feel like this could be comfortably worn all year long. 

What Happens Behind The Wall, Stays Behind The Wall Solid Bubble Bath - (8 oz) "An icy mix of spearmint, menthol, woodland moss, and lemon zest with notes of lime, lavender, and fresh water."

Icy, minty, citrusy, and very fresh. I really love this scent, I can't wait to use this. I'll probably cut it into several pieces, because it's a really big product! It does have glitter on it, but the detail work on it is very pretty.

Overall, I really loved this collection, and I'm so glad I bought the whole thing. I liked most of the scents, my favorites being Hodor Hodor Hodor, Moon Door, Mother of Dragons, Needle, The Hound, Valyrian Steel, Whitewalker, and What Happens Behind The Wall, Stays Behind The Wall. My least favorites were Kingslayer, No Middle Ground, Red Woman, and Take The Black. But I will still probably use them, they just weren't as good as the better scents. I love the Fortune Cookie Soap lip scrub formula, I am so glad I got a chance to try it. I'm tempted to buy more Hodor Hodor Hodor Shower Steamers because I know I will use those up pretty quickly.

My one critique about the products is the packaging. I mentioned in my video about the labels seeming water resistant and much easier to take off, which is great, I love that. But not all of the labels have the ingredients on them, and some have white lines around the edges where the print didn't quite go. And they don't all have the amount of product either. It's just not consistent. I would at least hope the ingredients would be on every product. For instance, the ingredients are on the lip scrub, which is the smallest label, but not on the whipped cream or sugar scrub, which is a much bigger label. It just says to see the website. I feel like they could have fit the ingredients on there instead of saying to see the website. And some have the product amount on the label, some are on the website, and some there is no amount. I feel like ingredients and product amount is important to put on every product's label. And the white borders around part of the labels. It looks cheap and unprofessional. It's most noticeable on the jarred products. There's my little rant about packaging, it's the first thing you notice when you look at a product, it should look consistent and not like it was glossed over.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - I am not quite sure when this collection and the products will no longer be available, but it is limited edition. If you are eyeing any of the products, get them before they are gone for good!

Overall Satisfaction - My favorites were Hodor Hodor Hodor, Moon Door, Mother of Dragons, Needle, The Hound, Valyrian Steel, Whitewalker, and What Happens Behind The Wall, Stays Behind The Wall. I am so glad I purchased this whole collection, I really feel like these are some of the best scents/products I've ever tried from Fortune Cookie Soap.

What did you think of the Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Has Come Collection? Let me know in the comments!

Here's my first impressions video of all the products and scents!

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  1. there was a lot in this box this month!!! just not sure about their ingredients... they're still not "natural" enough for me -- same with Lush

    1. Check out Haus of Gloi, all their products are handmade and are vegan as well! Might be what you're looking for :)


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