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March 5, 2015

February 2015 Favorites

Here are my February Favorites! There's really no method to this madness, I usually just try to pick about 9 products each month that I really loved, or found myself grabbing for more than other products, or something in my collection I rediscovered. Usually I try to go for products in a few different categories, but the favorites don't always land that way. 

Fortune Cookie Soap Steam Me Up Scotty Shower Steamers -

I have been hoarding these shower steamers for months from Fortune Cookie Soap, and I finally said to myself that I need to just use them. I did, and pretty much went through my entire stash in February, and I had to order more I loved them so much! I loved the ones in the scents, Sensual, Hodor Hodor Hodor, Poisonous Fog, and Tree of Life. I was even able to save some through 2 showers, so it was a little less wasteful. But basically what I do is keep them in the foil but open it up a little, drizzle some water over them to get them going, and then put in a spot in the shower where they are not going to be immediately drenched in water. I find that if you leave the foil on, and bend it so water drains out, that they can easily be smelled, but also not dissolve too quickly.

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask Honey -

I used quite a lot of sheet masks this month, but this was by far my favorite. My skin looked noticeably better and less red immediately after I took it off, and in the morning it looked even better. I always have great luck with honey sheet masks, they always seem to make my skin look radiant, but this one was especially great. And they are not expensive either, so I may have to stock up on this one.

Sorry for the stock photo, I actually don't have mine it's at B's currently. I should have it for my video though.

Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet -

These have always been a favorite among the Memebox crowd, and I almost finished my first jar of these morning sheets. They have the toner, lotion, and essence all in one and it's just a little sheet you fit over your fingers swipe over your face on the bumpy side first, and then massage in with the other side of the sheet. I wouldn't say that the product used in the sheet is especially amazing, but the great thing about this product is how convenient and time saving it is. In other words, these didn't seem to do anything special to my skin, but they were quick to use and easy. I think that's the best thing, is just that if you're in a rush in the morning, these will save you time on your morning skincare routine. One of these sheets and you're done. I was trying to save them for special occasions, but I said forget that, and I've been using them every morning over at B's. It's almost always a rush in the morning to get where we need to go for the day, so these save a lot of time. At least until I get to my makeup routine!

I saw the spoilers for the February Hello Waffle Visage box and I was so excited for the extras from other companies. The Blackbird Cosmetics Briar Rose blush and the Sixteen92 Talia perfume have become staples in my lineup of products I use all the time. I had to force myself to use other perfumes instead of just Talia everyday for a while there, and the blush I use just about every other time I do my makeup. It's honestly the best blush I have in my collection, and definitely my ultimate favorite for an everyday look that isn't too crazy pigmented. And the formula of it is amazing. I can't wait for the inevitable release of more Blackbird blushes, and more perfumes from Sixteen92 like Talia.

Baroque Cosmetics -

This is one of my new favorite indie shops, I grabbed some samples from Baroque of the French Revolution collection as well as all of the blushes, and I am just loving them. Especially Madame Deficit, Death of Marat, and The Republic paired together, and Dictator Sanguinaire I will probably need in a full size. For the blushes, my favorite shades are Such GallĂ© and Sonrel Not Sonrel. I did purchase a full size Such GallĂ© blush, but I've been loving blushes so much lately, that I might need a full size of Sonrel Not Sonrel too.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy -

I have had Pixie Epoxy in my stash for a few months now, and I finally got around to trying it. And it's no surprise that I love it! It gives some extra oomph to any eyeshadow you're placing over it, and isn't too difficult to blend either. And because it's a bit of a sticky base it's going to make your shadow look last all day. I am finding I like this a bit more than some of my other sticky bases, and the great thing is you can purchase it in a sample or full size tube.

Hello Waffle Animate Chess-piece -

I received a free mini of this with one of my orders a while back, and I've been using it as a brow highlight. It's a beautiful pink highlight, I love it with almost any look. It's a little hard to see, but I used it in the photo of me below. Definitely worth checking out if you need a good brow highlight or inner corner highlight shade.

Aromaleigh Gossip and Persephone

This was a random pairing I did one day, I just grabbed some sample bags I had free from orders that I thought would look good together based on how they looked in the bag and the look was phenomenal! Persephone is the darker crease color, and it is discontinued but 50% off and still available for a limited time to purchase! I used Gossip over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy and the look was so pretty!

I'm aiming for a full review of my new Erin Condren planner hopefully this week, and possibly monthly planning updates, but here's a sneak peek at it! I absolutely love this thing, I've been wanting a planner for probably over a year and I finally took the plunge. I always used to use the free planners we got in school for my school stuff, but they were never as nice as the Erin Condren one! And it's gotten me into washi tape and all kinds of stickers on Etsy. I already feel more organized and more productive with my time. I'm mostly using it to plan blog posts, videos, and my free time, but I also use it for to-dos, notes for reviews, and keeping track of bills.

That's it, those were my February favorites! What were your favorites for February? Let me know in the comments!

Here is my February Favorites video! I accidentally forgot to mention the Pixie Epoxy and Erin Condren planner in the video, but they were my favorites!:

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