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March 28, 2015

Indie Weekends: Savor Spring Scents Review

Savor is an indie bath and body shop I really enjoy, and I ordered a few things recently from the spring scents offered. And then I received a few more of the permanent scents as a gift. I figured I may as well review it all! Just a heads up though, this isn't going to be a review of all the spring scents available, but a smattering of some of them, and just a few other scents.

AboutSavor is an indie bath and body company located in California, and owned by Lisa. Savor stocks whipped soap, handmade soap, body mist, lip butters, body butter, and body scrubs.

Shipping - My order shipped 5 days after I ordered, and arrived in 2 days via USPS Priority 2-day from within California.

Product Size - This was my first time ordering full size products from Savor, mostly because some scents I wanted were only available as full size. The whipped soaps usually come in both sample 2 oz jars, or full size 8 oz jars. Which is great considering a not a lot of whipped soaps come in a full size that large. The body butter I received as a gift is a 4 oz size.

Free Samples - I have always received soap bar samples free with my order. I have two in my review because I got one as a gift.

Berry Fizz -

I received this sample as a gift, and I don't see it in the shop so I have no idea what the scent notes are supposed to be. It does smell familiar though, like a sickly sweet berry scent.

Blue Oak - "A refreshing whipped soap of pine, wood, a light citrus and a blast of fresh air."

I originally bought this to see if B would like it, but I think it smells like a cleaning product. It reminds me of a generic soap scent, but a men's soap. I was hoping to like this one more than I did, but maybe I could use it as a bathtub soap or something.

Calistoga - "A fresh and natural mix of green leaves and a dash of peach, apple, and pineapple."

When I first smelled this, I thought it was a sweet mix of florals. Now that I see the fruit notes though, I get it. It reminds me a little of Fortune Cookie Soap's Make It Rain scent, which I do like. This one also feels really relaxing, so I might be using this one soon.

Coconut Mochi -

This one isn't currently in the shop, but it mostly smells like coconut. For some reason I also smell kind of a papery scent to it as well, but it's ok. I think I would have liked this to be more of a tropical kind of coconut smell instead of smelling like fresh coconut.

Cucumber Mint -

This scent is pretty self explanatory, but if you've ever smelled the cucumber mint scents from Bath & Body Works or any candle store, this is the same. It is quite light and refreshing though, not too strong by any means.

Grey Skies - "Full of bergamot, juniper berries, and birch. It's supported by earthy notes of cypress and balsam. A hint of eucalyptus for the fresh component and a finish of sandalwood to leave a lasting, sexy impression."

This might be my absolute favorite scent out of everything, and it's too bad I think I bought the last jar of it. It reminds me of a men's cologne or deodorant, but in a good way. And it's perfect because I did buy this for B to see if he liked it. He seemed to like it too, so this one will absolutely be used by one of us.

Honey Love Dust - "Deep cocoa powder notes with raw honey, cocoa butter and vanilla scents."

I remember when I first smelled this I thought it smelled deep but I couldn't pick out cocoa. Now that I'm reading the notes though, it does smell like generic cocoa. It's only slightly better than some of the low quality cocoa scents I've smelled, but not for me.

Lemon-Lime Poundcake - "Cool, bright and refreshing citrus top notes on a thick vanilla sugar base -- Lemon-Lime Pound Cake is a perfect summery treat!"

This was wafting through my entire order when I opened it all, it smells like lemon poundcake, but I can't really pick out lime. I like it, but I probably wouldn't order more.

My Boyfriend's Tshirt - "Such a perfect blend of fresh linen with a small dash of cologne -- comforting, tomboy-ish and enveloping! It reminds me of a lovingly worn, favorite t-shirt -- something you "borrowed" from your boyfriend and like to snuggle up in at night."

This scent seems to be a fan favorite, and it definitely does remind me of a hint of lingering cologne mixed with laundry. And I can't help but feel I've smelled this before. It's pretty good, and I could see this being a very unisex scent.

Pineapple Whip - "Incredibly refreshing and invigorating, the sweet and tart tropical pineapple in this Pineapple Whip wakes you up and gets you energized."

This is exactly how it's described, a sweet and tangy pineapple scent. It would be perfect for anyone who loves pineapple scents. It's ok for me, but I smell a bit of powdery-ness to it right at the beginning which I don't love.

Snow Taffy - "Ooh this is a beautiful vanilla. Made more complex with light notes of caramel. Warm butter, a little splash of citrus, and french vanilla. Imagine making a gourmet snow cream and this would be the result!"

I definitely get vanilla, butter, and caramel out of this body butter scent. The lotion itself is a medium thickness, kind of like firm peaks when whipping egg whites. Unfortunately, on my skin this scent turned into straight Playdoh, which I haven't had happen before. I guess I get to finally experience the dreaded Playdoh scent from an indie product. The lotion does have a nice powdery feeling after it dries, it doesn't feel oily at all.

Overall, I was kind of eh about everything but Grey Skies and My Boyfriend's Tshirt. Which is good for me that the two full sizes I purchased were my favorites, but I can't help but feel as though everything else was too generic for my liking. Maybe that didn't come up in my first Savor review, but I guess now that I'm smelling more from this shop I can say for sure. The scents are really nothing special. The soap formula itself is nice, but not the best. I really want to like this company because the customer service has been great for me in the past, and she has some really great sales, but I just don't think the products are anything especially notable. There are a few scents which were absolute hits, like Kraken from the autumn collection. And a few of these are really great, but I feel like I get more misses from my orders than hits.

I will say, that Savor does have reasonably priced whipped soap sample jars, which are not common among all indie bath and body shops. If you absolutely know what you will like, it will probably be a winning experience ordering for you. I've found most of the men's scents are actually my favorite, which I wasn't expecting. For instance, Kraken from autumn was B's absolute favorite soap scent. He was rationing the jar I gave him, and I actually emailed Lisa about getting more. She just said it wasn't popular, she didn't have anymore, and it wouldn't return. Which sucks. I told B I would try to find a replacement for it somewhere else, so he actually left a bit in the jar so I could compare. But we've had no luck so far; he will probably just move on to another scent from another company.

I guess in conclusion, there's no real reason to not order from Savor at least once. Try it and see if it's for you. It might be, but it also might not. And that's ok. I have a lot of friends who really enjoy the scents they get. Sometimes I feel weird for not liking the same ones they do. But it's ok! And I think this is really a great example of a company that is for some people, and isn't for others. The packaging is really professional looking, the products themselves are good, turnaround time is fast, the customer service is great, there are lots of choices, it's just that I seem to only like the men's or unisex scents. I will probably order again, but now that I know the kinds of scents I seem to like, I'll probably just stick with those.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - Most of these scents and products are still available, but a few are no longer in the shop. They may return at a later date.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite scents were Grey Skies and My Boyfriend's Tshirt, with Calistoga coming in third. The rest of the scents weren't really my cup of tea, but I'll most likely order again. At least with a concentrated focus on the kinds of scents I like, which tend to be the masculine ones from Savor.

What did you think of Savor and the Spring scents? Let me know in the comments!

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