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March 29, 2015

Indie Weekends: Femme Fatale Mysterious Fortune Collection Review

The Femme Fatale Mysterious Fortune Collection was the most recent eyeshadow release from Femme Fatale. It was for Valentine's Day, and there was a very limited blush with the collection, which I did not manage to snag before it sold out. But I have all the eyeshadows to swatch and review for you!

About - Femme Fatale is an Australian based indie shop, owned by Sophie. They specialize in nail polish, eyeshadow, blushes, and are a hub for Australians to purchase products from many US indie brands. They also carry a few products from other brands that are exclusive to the Femme Fatale site, and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Shipping - My order shipped 12 days after I ordered. And considering it was coming from Australia, it arrived quite quickly. It arrived 8 days later via USPS to California.

Product Size - The individual shadows as well as the set are only available in mini jars or full size jars.

Free Samples - I received two free samples with my order.

Blinding Passion - "A gorgeous satin peach with gold highlight."

This is a beautiful coral peach base shade with a very strong golden shift. This would be really great as an all over shadow look, or used in the middle of a pink eye look as a highlight.

Cheap Tricks - "A vibrant mid-tone pink with shiny green-gold sheen."

This is a bright hot pink, that has a slight golden sheen. I used this as the outer corner and crease shade with a look paired with Femme Fatale Candied Apple and another gray shade.

Choose Wisely - "A slightly olive-champagne shimmery shade, this one is super sparkly and complex."

This one looks like pure gold, but you can still see a bit of the darker base shade under the really strong shift. This one would be beautiful paired with Pretty Trinkets.

Forgotten Love - "A vibrant pink-coral jewel tone with soft violet/pink sheen."

I don't think I have anything similar to this in my collection. It's a hot pink shade with a strong purple shift. It almost looks like a blue shift, but this one would be fun paired with Mood Ring.

Mood Ring - "A deep berry-pink with glorious soft green-to-blue-to-purple shift."

This shade is a dark purple leaning a bit pink with a green silvery shift. I used this all over the lid, with Candied Apple over the inner two thirds for a very pink and green shifty look.

Pretty Trinkets - "A subtle purple-brown base with strong bronze sheen and pink sparkles."

I really like this shade, the pink sparkles are quite large and easy to see, but don't seem to disappear easily. I like the bronzy look it has, and I would pair it with Choose Wisely or Cheap Tricks.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection. Even though I own some Femme Fatale shadows, this was my first time really getting a chance to swatch and use them. And I had seen photos of the duochromes in action, but you really can't believe it until you put it on your eye, and you can clearly see it while wearing it. This collection is full of pink, purple, brown, gold, and shifting goodness. I think you could easily pair some of these shades together for a great look, or just use single shades by themselves for one shadow looks. My favorite shade is probably Mood Ring, but I also really like Blinding Passion.

Customer Service - I did not have to contact customer service regarding any problems with my order.

Availability - This collection is still available for purchase, although I'm not sure if it's permanent. I believe it is, since it does not say it will disappear by a certain date.

Overall Satisfaction - My favorite shades were Mood Ring and Blinding Passion. I will absolutely be ordering from Femme Fatale again, as I love the shadow formula and duochrome shifts.

What did you think of the Femme Fatale Mysterious Fortune Collection? Let me know in the comments!

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