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March 18, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: The Washi Shop Review

Welcome to a new blog post series I am calling Planner Wednesdays! I have been buying up stickers and washi tape from various Etsy shops, and I thought it would be fun to do some reviews for them. They are being used in my Erin Condren planner, which I've been decorating more and more. I decorate it a little differently than most do, because I don't plan an entire week at a time, I am planning months in advance. I have things in there already weeks ahead of time, so sometimes there is less room to do a full decorating weekly spread.

The first shop I will be reviewing is The Washi Shop, which is where I went to first to get a few of my first rolls of washi tape. I had seen many stickers for certain things like cameras and meal planning themes, but I figured washi tape might be a cheaper option considering I could cut off just a bit of the tape to signify certain tasks. Like a camera tape to imply I needed to take photos, or forks and knives to show meals. I found that The Washi Shop had what I was looking for, and quite a bit more washi tape as well!

Shipping - I received a tracking email within minutes of my purchase, and it shipped the next day. It then arrived in 2 days via USPS from Washington to California.

Moroccan Pattern Washi Tape Set of 5 -

I originally wanted to use this as a replacement for the Erin Condren "removable" stickers that come included with the planner. I found they tended to rip the page or sticker when removing sometimes, so I wanted this tape to work as a replacement for some of the colors I used frequently. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how see through washi tape was (this was my first washi tape purchase, I had never worked with it before), so instead it's being used for decoration purposes only. It's a cute pattern though, and the colors are vibrant and can coordinate with a lot of themes.

Black Camera Washi Tape -

I was looking for a camera washi tape that specifically had each camera icon separated from the others, so it would be easy to cut off just one camera. This was the tape I landed on, and I've been using it for whenever I need to remind myself I need to take photos of something for my blog reviews. Then I just make a list next to it of the products so I remember what I need to photograph. It works well, and I figured it would be cheaper than buying camera stickers for this. Even though I bought camera stickers anyways...

Red Heart Washi Tape -

Again, I wanted a heart design that was separate so I could cut out just one heart if need be. I was planning on using each one for what B and I like to call "Monthaversarys". We're goobers and celebrate each month we've been together. Sometimes the celebration only includes saying Happy Monthaversary to each other, but it's our little thing.

Green Cutlery Washi Tape -

I was planning on using this for whenever I went out to dinner, or made reservations. But now I use it to decorate for homemade meals, or anything else involving food. I like it, it's a fun design that I get a lot of use out of.

Overall, I really like how much selection The Washi Shop has, and how quickly they shipped my order. I would absolutely order again, and I am happy with the items I purchased. All of their sets and individual washi tapes are affordable and most are 10m in length.

What did you think of The Washi Shop? Let me know in the comments!

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