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April 1, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: ChloeDesign20 Review

I wasn't sure what to do with this review, because I had planned it for today, but when I went to look up the shop, it was gone. I have no idea what happened, if it just closed permanently, or moved to a new name or site, but the Etsy shop where I purchased these stickers is gone. Unfortunately, that means if you wished to purchase these items, they are no longer available. The shop featured for today's Planner Wednesdays is ChloeDesign20, and I only purchased two sticker sheets from them. Let's get to the review portion!

Shipping - I remember right after I ordered, I noticed quite a few bad reviews of this shop warning that she never shipped their orders. I was a little more worried when I got a shipping notification for my order, but there was no tracking. My order shipped 15 days after I placed my order, but I am not sure how long it took to arrive.

Joysticks Stickers - (above)

I wanted some video game related stickers for when I play video games, and these were what I found when looking around. The stickers themselves are nice quality, but I don't like how the cord is a long bit hanging off the main sticker portion.

Play Movie Stickers - 

I wanted to get some video stickers to remind me of when to film videos in my planner. These are nice and thick, which I like. They feel very sturdy and have a bit of gloss to them.

Freebie March Kit - 

This was included for free with my order. When I go to their Facebook page, it says my order should have received two free items with it. I thought it was very cute, but when I went to use these, they weren't cut properly. You can see the outline cut of the sticker itself, but it wasn't cut all the way through the sticky part. So these are useless unless you cut them out with scissors.

Overall, even if this shop was still around, I probably wouldn't order again. I can't tell if I'm just used to waiting a while for indie products to ship, or if people really weren't getting their orders in the bad reviews. I don't think there was any indication that my order would take 15 days to ship, so maybe people just thought it was supposed to ship much sooner and assumed the seller took their money, or maybe the owner didn't ship everyone's orders. And getting the "freebie" that wasn't properly cut, was off-putting. As if it was a mistake that she decided to just throw in with someone's order just because she didn't want to throw it away.

What did you think of ChloeDesign20? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I also ordered from ChloeDesign20. I ordered in February and didn't receive anything. I messaged her and received no response so I checked out her feedback and there were so many negatives and complaints! I couldn't believe it. Finally, I had to file a dispute through Paypal... I'm still waiting on a response from them since I only did the dispute recently.

    1. Ugh that's a bummer! I honestly would have rather just saved my money. There are plenty of other reputable shops to get the stickers I was looking for from.

  2. I ordered too and never received my stickers :( I'm glad to see someone else post about it. I'm going to try a few different shops to see if I can find anything better. I just want some stickers for my planner! lol!


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