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April 29, 2015

Planner Wednesdays: MareBear Crafts Review

MareBear Crafts is another planner sticker shop that carries some great monthly planner kits. They also offer their stickers in matte or glossy formats, and for an Erin Condren planner or a Plum Paper planner. There's a lot of variety, and I love that the monthly kits are up months in advance! I like to plan ahead!

I made two orders, so this first half are from my second order, and the others are from my first.

May Set Half Boxes - 

I actually didn't order these, but they came in my order instead of the August Set Half Boxes I ordered. I contacted the seller and she requested a photo of my order, I sent it, and she hasn't replied and I haven't yet received the item I ordered. Hopefully it arrives soon, but it was a nice perk getting these since I never actually ordered them with my first order. I remember them not being available at the time or else I would have.

Blonde Facial Reminder Stickers - 

These I got to remind myself to use a sheet mask at night! I have so many of them that I'm trying to use 2-3 a week, so this is a good indicator for those days.

June Planner Kit -

I really love that the planner kits from MareBear Crafts have full box stickers for holidays. And the designs aren't too busy that you can't add writing or other stickers on top of them. I think that was the big draw for me for these sets.

June Set Half Boxes -

I decided to go with glossy stickers for my second order, just to see how I liked it compared to the matte. It's nice, I think it makes the colors pop a bit more, and my pens write on it just fine. These also have holiday themed designs, like the mustache one and the Father's Day box.

July Planner Kit -

I love the star design full box on this sheet, and the anchor design flag. The only downside to this month is that the colors are so dark it makes it hard to be able to read writing on them.

July Set Half Boxes -

The other thing I love about these half boxes is that the center is dulled and lightened so you can easily read any writing on them. It's a nice touch, as I tend to fill entire days with writing sometimes.

August Planner Kit -

I love that glitter full box sticker on this sheet! The one thing I did notice is that one of the stickers on these planner kits I got in my second order is not cut out. It's the same one on every set, so that's a bummer, I will need to cut that out myself.

Free Samples -

These are the free samples I received in my second order. It's nice that you get a variety, but annoying that they are so small. I just have a sleeve I put all my stickers into, and these get lost at the bottom.

March Planner Kit -

I ordered this set right at the beginning of March but they didn't arrive until March was almost over, so I didn't quite get the chance to use all of these. So I'm saving them for next year.

March Set Half Boxes -

Same with these, I still have quite a few of these left. I might just try to use them in another month with green like August or December.

April Planner Kit -

I already used the adorable Easter full box sticker that came with this set, but I love the chevron pattern too. April has a great color scheme.

April Set Half Boxes -

I liked that there was an Easter sticker as well as an Earth Day sticker in this one, it makes it fun to decorate the entire month.

May Planner Kit -

Same with this one, I already used the Mother's Day sticker before taking the photo. I forgot to mention, right after I purchased these kits, MareBear Crafts redesigned the sheet so there were more stickers on each kit. That's why March-May look a little different from the most recent ones.

Winter Is Coming -

I think these were the stickers that originally sealed the deal that I would be purchasing from MareBear Crafts! I love the show Game of Thrones, and had to have some stickers denoting when new episodes aired. And there are 20 which is perfect for two seasons if you're just using them in the weekly view, or one season if you're using them in the weekly and monthly view since there are 10 episodes each season.

TV Show Stickers -

I like using these for when I am actually watching a show. I mark down when my new shows are going to be on, but usually I watch them another day, so I use these for that.

Stack of Books Label Stickers -

I try to read as much as I can, and participate in an online book club, so these mark when I'm reading what.

Corner Bill Due Stickers -

I think my original plan for this was to mark when my subscription payments go through, and there was going to be a different color for each one, but I changed my mind. I haven't used these really, as I decided to get custom Erin Condren stickers for my subscription payments.

Date Night Stickers -

There are plenty of date night stickers out there, but I thought these were the most whimsical. I like using these for when B and I have spontaneous date nights, which is usually the case. We rarely plan them, but instead are just like "let's go to dinner and then to the beer garden!" Best date nights ever.

Colorful Airplane Stickers -

I rarely fly, but I knew for sure I would be flying somewhere this summer, so I had to get stickers for that! These are nice, but the wings are so delicate you have to be careful when taking them off the sheet and placing them.

Small Dirty Laundry Stickers -

These are obviously for reminding me to do my laundry. Pretty exciting stuff.

Suitcase Stickers -

While I don't fly much, I do travel a lot, especially in the summer. These are great for reminding me to pack!

Beer Mug Stickers -

B and I love beer, and we attend beer festivals as frequently as possible. These were perfect for those days.

Free Samples -

These were the free samples from my first order. I tried to use the handy ones immediately so they wouldn't be lost in my sticker holder. A few of them I have no use for though.

Overall, I think MareBear Crafts is a great place to get monthly kits and monthly half boxes, as they have some great designs and patterns. I also really love the Winter Is Coming stickers, but the rest aren't the greatest you can get from any sticker shop. There are plenty of other shops with cuter ones, and I didn't much care for the rainbow scheme of some of these sheets.

I did mention before about my first order taking a while to arrive, it took almost 17 days to get here, which like I said was a bummer because it meant I didn't have a chance to really use the March stickers. And when my second order had a mistake, I was a bit taken back by being asked to take a photo of it before she would send it. I know many places commonly do this, but I have never once had another Etsy shop ask me to do that after I've contacted them. And the fact that I never got a reply back about it being on the way was off-putting. It hasn't arrived unexpectedly, so I don't even know if she did send it. At the end of the week I might inquire about it, but that's just annoying to have to bug a seller to send what I ordered. My second order did arrive much quicker, only 7 days from when I placed my order.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend the monthly planner kits, half boxes, Winter Is Coming stickers if you're into Game of Thrones, but everything else can be found at other shops with cuter designs.

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