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May 1, 2015

Indies of the Week: Notoriously Morbid Autumn Flower + Mother & Earth + Water & Intuition Review

I've been holding on to these shadows for a while now from Notoriously Morbid, they originally came out for the Black Friday sale. They were previously only available in the June and July Vanishing Cabinets last year, but were so popular, they were made permanent. Any of these can be purchased on the site.

AboutNotoriously Morbid is an indie cosmetics company owned by Carrie, and they specialize in fandom collections, with eyeshadows, lip products and lip balms, blushes, and they also have a subscription called the Vanishing Cabinet. The fandom inspired collections they currently have include, Supernatural, Twin Peaks, Buffy, Doctor Who, and various others.

Product Size - All of these products are made in sample, mini jar, full size jar, or deluxe jar sizes. I have the mini jars here in the photos.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Autumn Flower - "A regal dusty purple with a gorgeous blue/green shift."

This shadow was originally from the July 2014 Vanishing Cabinet that was inspired by Firefly. It reminds me of Fates Untold from the March Vanishing Cabinet except with a blue shift instead of green. Very pretty. I haven't bought Notoriously Morbid shadows in a while, but some of the ones in the Vanishing Cabinet recently seemed to have had not their standard smooth creamy formula. All of these do, so if you've been hesitant to purchase any because of that, try the permanent collection shadows.

Mother & Earth - "A muddy brown with multiple green shimmers and glitters, topped with gold sparkles."

This shadow was originally from the June 2014 Vanishing Cabinet, which was inspired by The Craft. This is a dark greenish brown with tons of gold and green shimmer. This would look great over some glitter glue, or foiled as a liner.

Water & Intuition - "A vibrant, ocean green with aqua blue shimmer."

This shadow was originally from the June 2014 Vanishing Cabinet, which was inspired by The Craft. I love it when shadows kind of sit up like this in the jar, and you know they're going to be fluffy and have a nice formula. And this shadow is a beautiful ocean blue with a teal sheen. Just lovely, this will make a fun liner all on it's own, or smudged under the lower lash line.

It's good to see some shadows that are the same great Notoriously Morbid formula that I originally fell in love with. I haven't been as into really dark shades lately now that it's spring, but my favorites are probably Autumn Flower and Water & Intuition. And actually they would work well together in a look.

Availability - All of these shadows are part of the permanent line.

Recommendation - These aren't completely unique, but do have quite a nice formula if you like the colors. I'll probably take Water & Intuition with me to a beer festival this weekend to wear as a liner for a bright look.

What did you think of these Notoriously Morbid shadows? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have Autumn Flower and it's a definite go-to of mine. Thanks for the beautiful swatches!


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